Zuckerberg spends more time in Hawaii than in Silicon Valley

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Meta, when it was still called Facebook, was one of the first companies to announce that most of its employees could telecommute indefinitely after the coronavirus pandemic was declared. Other companies, such as Google or Amazon, also did the same in the spring of 2020, but little by little they have been qualifying that option to end up offering, in the best of cases, a hybrid model with three mandatory days in the office. The Zuckerbergs, on the other hand, have maintained the proposal and their directors are the first (and the most) are taking advantage of it, according to reports the Wall Street Journal.

Zuckerberg, in a tropical paradise. One of those who is using the option of working from anywhere in the world the most is the CEO of Meta. According to the American newspaper, Mark Zuckeberg spends long periods in Hawaii and, when he is not in the Pacific archipelago, he stays in other houses he owns far from San Francisco. He spends less and less time in Silicon Valley and his plan for the future is to live in California for only half a year and work remotely for the remaining six months.

Teleworking in Europe. Other senior managers in the company prefer the Old Continent to work remotely, although these managers have the option of going to the Meta office in their destination countries. This is the case of the Spaniard Javier Oliván, Director of Growth at Meta, who spends more and more time in our country thanks to the company’s teleworking policy.

Another senior executive moving to Europe is Alex Schultz, Marketing Director at Meta, who plans to move to the UK indefinitely. Guy Rosen, the company’s Vice President of Integrity, for his part, is going to go to Israel and the company’s Product Manager, Naomi Gleit, has decided not to leave the United States but to change coasts: she has settled in New York.

digital nomad. On the other hand, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, has chosen to become a digital nomad and work every few weeks in different cities. Thus, he has been traveling in recent months through Hawaii, Los Angeles or Cape Cod, a popular summer vacation destination on the Massachusetts coast for people with high purchasing power. According to what the WSJ has learned, he has no plans to fix his residence anytime soon.

Sabbatical. Separately, Meta’s Director of Operations, Sheryl Sandberg, is taking a paid sabbatical starting this spring, in part taking advantage of the company’s program that offers an additional 30 days of paid vacation every five years.

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Investment in remote technology. To make all this possible, Meta assures that it has made strong investments in technology that will allow its employees to work remotely effectively, from third-party business software tools to its own developments such as Horizon Workrooms, the platform they launched last month of August to telecommute in the metaverse.

What about the employees? In principle, Meta is also offering the possibility of teleworking from wherever they want to the rest of the employees, with the exception of those who cannot perform their functions remotely, such as engineers who develop hardware or professionals in the company’s data centers. .

Goal said in June 2021 that it was going to allow all employees to work from the place they chose, and that it was going to transform its offices to adapt them to a hybrid model, for those who decided to combine teleworking and face-to-face work.

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Meta, when it was still called Facebook, was one of the first companies to announce that most of its employees…

Meta, when it was still called Facebook, was one of the first companies to announce that most of its employees…

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