Let’s start by singing the mea culpa: I recognize that I have ‘The night of the comet’ (1984), which you can see on Prime Video and on filmin, a special weakness. Their mix of teen thug comedy and totally eighties zombie horror sounds absolutely delicious to meand it’s one of those films that, despite some pacing problems, is synonymous with unprejudiced fun and devotion to the genre.

It also has rules that are crazy enough but also strict enough to support the entire argument: a comet passes over the Earth (remember: in some of Romero’s films that cause has been adduced for the appearance of his dead, so this can be considered an apocryphal sequel to ‘Night of the Living Dead’). Those who observe it, almost the entire population of the planet, turns to dust. Those who don’t, but it passes over them, in zombies.

Only a few people survive in the world, including our two protagonists: Catherine Mary Stewart (whom we saw in another megaclassic from the video store era, ‘This Dead Man Is Very Alive’) and Kelli Maroney, who make up the entire base of the movie. Like good teenagers, they go shopping (in another nod from Rome, this time to the original ‘Dawn of the Dead’, ‘Zombi’) and they goof around, while defending themselves with gunshots (the image of the cheerleader with uzis is iconic, and was born here) of dead and mad scientists.

In summary, a film without too many pretensions but with enough substance, as the final stretch shows, in an absolutely desolate city (and that ends with bullshit, as it should be) and that we owe to Thom Eberhardt, director of the funny Holmesian pastiche ‘ No clues’. The result is a colorful and shameless film, a monumental testimony of an era and a more than justified reason to claim that the streaming do not leave aside the cinema of decades ago.

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