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That Tesla has no ceiling in the automobile market is what some analysts point out. That, really, he has a ceiling and is giving him big headaches is completely true. They are the roofs of Solar Roof that, five years after taking track, are still not taking off.

Tesla Solar Roof. Tesla not only lives from the electric car, but also its Powerwall for energy storage and its solar roofs bring money into the coffers of the American company. However, this last business is being a real headache for the company.

The system was presented as an alternative to installing solar panels on the roof of a house. Here, the solar panel itself is the roof and, therefore, the aesthetics of the whole is much cleaner.

very poor figures. Since Electrek They note that in the second quarter of 2022, Tesla installed 2.5 MW of solar roofs. According to their accounts, with an 8 kW system, this is equivalent to the fact that between April and June, the company served 300 homes. That is, about 23 roofs a week.

These are figures far removed from Elon Musk’s initial goals for this service. According to the CEO of Tesla, Solar Roof was to install 1,000 solar roofs every week. In other words, only 2.9% of what was expected per week is installed.

Solar roof and solar panels. From Electrek they also emphasize that the figure provided by Tesla will be older. According to an anonymous source, the company has installed 71.5 MW of solar system in the US residential market and that the figure will be higher because it has also been installed in some commercial areas.

However, the American media was clear that this figure corresponds to the sum of solar panels and roofs, for which the real figure of the latter is barely 2.9% of what was expected. A fact that Tesla has not officially confirmed.

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miscalculation. According to Musk, the slow expansion of this business for Tesla is related to a really bad calculation of your plans. Their installation is proving to be much more complex than expected, since the technical requirements of each roof prevent their mass production, which results in complications to lower costs.

Costs that Solar Roof customers are also experiencing. If a few weeks ago we told you that Tesla electric cars had increased their price in the United States, solar roofs have not been less and their price is now $2.31 per watt installed, instead of the $1.96/watt that was paid until March and that allowed them to boast of having the cheapest watt on the market.

continuous headaches. To the current shortage of components that has led to an increase in costs, we must add the legal problems that Solar Roof has had since the purchase of Solar City in 2017. The acquisition was closed at 2,600 million dollars and this motivated the complaints from some shareholders. In April, the court ruled in favor of Muskon which a possible fine of 2,000 million dollars weighed.

It is not the only legal problem that Solar Roof panels have had to face. In December, the US stock market regulator opened a investigation against tesla understanding that for years it has hidden reports from its shareholders and clients of the fire risks posed by possible defects in the firm’s solar roofs.

That Tesla has no ceiling in the automobile market is what some analysts point out. That, really, he has a…

That Tesla has no ceiling in the automobile market is what some analysts point out. That, really, he has a…

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