Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold, opinions after first contact. Video and photos.

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If Xiaomi stands out for something, it is for helping to popularize certain technologies by offering them cheaper. And that is just what we have with the Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold, the Xiaomi’s first foldable that we have finally been able to test from Spain during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

We have a mobile with an 8-inch folding OLED screen and WQHD + resolution, up to 12 GB of RAM and a triple rear camera with up to 108 megapixels. A flagship with all of the law that adds the best Xiaomi technology, at least until the arrival of the Xiaomi 12. And while the price of rivals such as the Galaxy Z Fold3 or the Huawei Mate X2 goes to almost two thousand euros, this Mi MIX Fold represents one of the first attempts to offer folding technology at a slightly lower price.

This is how Xiaomi makes money – they lure you in and suck you in

Technical sheet of the Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold



Unfolded: 173.27 x 133.38 x 7.62mm
Folded: 173.27 x 69.8 x 17.2mm
317 grams


8.01-inch foldable OLED
WQHD+ resolution
4:3 format
60Hz, 900nits, HDR10+


6.5-inch AMOLED
Resolution 2,520 x 840 pixels
27:9 format
90Hz, 900bit, HDR10+


Snapdragon 888 5G




256/512 GB UFS 3.1


108 megapixels
Telemacro 8 MP (optical zoom x3+macro)
Wide angle 13 MP f/2.4 123º




Fast charge 67W


Android 11 with MIUI 12


WiFi 6
Dual 5G Standby


4x speakers
side fingerprint reader
Sound Harman Kardon


From 9,999 yuan (about 1,296 euros)

A great AMOLED screen that has some unfinished business

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold 2

The feeling when opening the Mi MIX Fold and using its generous 8.01-inch WQHD+ unfolded screen is strange. On one hand we have a large panel, with a good level of brightness and adequate colorsbut on the other hand it falls short of having only a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

However, in folding screens, an additional effect occurs and it is that not only the quality of the screen itself matters, but also how it is integrated into the body of the device and how it reacts to folds. And this is where the technical specifications do not allow us to anticipate how it is implemented. In the case of the Mi MIX Fold, at least in the unit that we were able to test, the crease is noticeably more visible than in other foldables that we have been able to test, with a larger illuminated area. Here we believe that in future generations Xiaomi will improve this effect.

Mi Mix Fold Curvature

The panel angles are good and even if we turn the phone or see it at different angles, the quality of the screen remains at a high level. In a traditional mobile it is important, but in folding ones this takes on greater importance since the format encourages you to use it in various ways.

yes we liked that the inner screen occupies the entire front and we do not have a ‘notch’ or a hole. Just a big 8-inch panel. A decision that, as we will see later, has a direct consequence.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold 10

The outer screen is 6.5 inches in a particularly narrow 27:9 format. The quality is again very good, with AMOLED technology and this time yes, a somewhat faster refresh rate of 90 Hz. The only downside that we would put would be that the margins and borders are somewhat thick, but that falls within the design and construction section. If we talk about the screens themselves, the ones chosen by Xiaomi fit what one can expect from a high-end.

My Mix Fold Closed

The construction of the Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold can be improved. We understand that building a compact foldable is still very early days, but the frames are thick and the plastic is very presentmore than would be desirable for a terminal that costs more than 1,000 euros.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold stands out for its huge 8-inch AMOLED internal screen, without any kind of hole or distraction. Although, Xiaomi could have optimized the weight and size a little more to make it more comfortable to handle.

If, for example, we compare it with the recent OPPO Find N, we have that the Xiaomi folding has a thickness of 17.2 mm folded and a weight of 317 grams, for the 15.9 mm and 275 grams of the OPPO. Everything is said, the screen of the Xiaomi is 8 inches, for the 7.1 “of the OPPO. Xiaomi has opted for a foldable with a larger screen than its rivals, which is also noticeable in the weight and thickness.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold 7

The central hinge is another of the characteristic elements of the folding ones and that of the Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold reminds us of those we saw in the first generations of folding ones. There was only one test unit and it was noticeable that it had received thousands of folds. So much so, that the feeling it gave us is that the hinge was somewhat loose, being able to opening and closing the device too easy. Something useful when using it, but that did not generate too much security about its resistance over time.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold 13

This lack of hinge strength also means that when we support the mobile, the Mi MIX Fold has a hard time staying open. We do not know if it is a specific feature of that unit or a feature of the mobile, but we hope that in the future Mi Mix Fold 2 improve this point. As Xiaomi explained, the device can withstand up to a million folds.

Since the thickness is considerable, Xiaomi has chosen to add a metal side with the ‘Innovation for everyone’ logo. A touch that does not add much, but perhaps better than not wasting so much space.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, analysis after a month of use: an impressive mobile not suitable for all audiences

This format allows new additions in refrigeration and photography

My Mix Fold

The interesting thing about the folding ones is that the format not only allows you to add a larger screen, but also to play with the design and implement different solutions than the usual ones. If we comment that the logo is not much use on the hinge, it is curious that a butterfly liquid cooling system has been added in the hinge areato increase the dissipation area.

During our test, the performance of the Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold was excellent, without any overheating or lag. Xiaomi added the Snapdragon 88 along with 12 GB of LPDDR5 RAM, the best combination available at the time of launching it on the market.

The hinge area has been used to add technologies such as the double battery or a renewed cooling system.

At the battery level, we have 5,020 mAh with a 67W fast charging system. Here it is also interesting to explain that we actually have two batteries, one 2,460 mAh and one 2,560 mAhwhich come together to better distribute power and facilitate fast charging.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold 12

In the photographic section, Xiaomi takes the opportunity to incorporate its own Surge C1 chip and combines it with a triple rear camera whose main sensor is 108 megapixels. Unfortunately, even with such a generous thickness, the camera module protrudes slightly.

Xiaomi's new Mi MIX Fold breaks molds in photography with its new liquid lens: what it is and how this technology works

What we were able to try from the camera left a good taste in our mouths. The Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold adds a liquid lens technology. The radius of curvature is modified so that the telephoto can be used for 3x optical zoom and function as a macro at the same time up to three centimeters. At the interface level, it’s as simple as sliding the zoom to enlarge or zoom in. Pretty intuitive.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold 5

The surprise comes with the front camera. Not because of its quality, where the 20-megapixel sensor meets expectations, but because of its location. The front camera is in a hole on the outer screen, so we cannot take selfies with the mobile unfolded.

This decision allows Xiaomi to offer a huge 8-inch screen inside without any hole or notch, but it is unnatural to have to close the phone in case you want to take a selfie.

The Mi MIX Fold is just a first step in what Xiaomi is preparing for foldables

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold 9

The Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold was announced in the spring of last year in China, but it has not been until now that the company has shown it at an international event. This is Xiaomi’s first foldable and the first attempt to build a “cheap” foldable, at least compared to its main rivals. While several of the folding ones were close to two thousand euros, the Mi MIX Fold officially cost 9,999 yuan. However, today it is possible to buy it in china for 6,999 yuan, for the 512 GB storage version. This is about 993 euros. Namely, a folding for less than a thousand euros.

Several months after its launch, the Mi MIX Fold can now be purchased in China for less than 1,000 euros at the exchange rate.

If we look at the features of the device, we have a foldable with a large 8-inch screen. This results in the thickness and build being a bit on the large side, but it is offset by the inclusion of technological improvements to the camera and performance. Xiaomi has room for improvement in the hinge and in polishing options such as the optimization of the frames, but we are facing a very very promising first step. At a significantly lower price than its competitors.

Xiaomi has confirmed that this model will not arrive in Spain, but it is expected that in the coming months we will know the Mi MIX Fold 2, rumored which will arrive with an internal 90 Hz and external 120 Hz screen, the camera technology under the screen of the Mi Mix 4 and the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, thus being the first foldable to introduce this chipset. Based on what we have been able to prove with this Mi MIX Fold, Xiaomi may have a long and promising journey in the field of folding.

If Xiaomi stands out for something, it is for helping to popularize certain technologies by offering them cheaper. And that…

If Xiaomi stands out for something, it is for helping to popularize certain technologies by offering them cheaper. And that…

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