why it connects and disconnects and how to fix it

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we will explain what you can do if you have an unstable internet connectiongiving you some basic advice on how to identify and solve the most frequent problems. Thus, you will have a series of resources to try if you are experiencing problems, and a minimal notion of what may be happening.

There are times when everything seems to be going fine, but the internet suddenly starts to crash or slow down a bit. Here, we are all assailed by the same doubts, whether it will be a matter of your operator, your router, or your device. In the article we will try to briefly talk about each possibility.

It may be a problem with your dealer.

If normally your Internet always works fine but suddenly starts to do so badly at a specific time for no apparent reason, it is possible that it is due to specific problems of your Internet distributor. This may be more noticeable if the problems come on suddenly, without you making changes to your configuration or moving the router.

Here, you can do a speed test to verify that your Internet is indeed slower, and you can look on social networks like Twitter looking for the name of your distributor, because if it is failing there are usually more people complaining, and immediately you will see that it is not only your case. In case of doubt and that restarting the router has not solved it, you can always ask your operator by calling or contacting them through social networks.

Unfortunately, in cases where the problems are with your operator there is usually not much you can do. Simply, have a little patience waiting for the problem to be resolved. Normally, these types of punctual problems do not usually last more than a few hours.

Maybe it’s a specific problem with the router.

If you haven’t touched anything in your computer’s configuration and you haven’t moved the router, and yet you’re suddenly having problems that you don’t usually have, it may be a specific problem with the router. Here, The first thing would always be to restart the routerturn it off and on, in case some process had been “stuck” and can be solved only by restarting.

It may also be that the channel your WiFi is using is saturated, and you can try changing the WiFi channel to improve the speed. The channels are like the lanes of the highway through which information circulates. There are a set number of channels, and if you happen to be using the same one your neighbors are using, even if it’s on a different WiFi network, things may go a bit slower than if you’re using an empty channel.

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Router cable problems


There is always the possibility that your router has some physical problem inside it, this is a possibility that should not be ruled out, but it is also possible that the cable has simply been damaged or is not working correctly. This will no longer give you occasional problems at specific times, but rather you would start noticing lingering problems on the stability of your connection.

Here, you can try with change the cable of your router for anotherAnd while you’re at it, make sure the Ethernet cable you’re using is of a good enough category to get the most out of your connection. If when you change the cable to your router you see that the stability of the connection improves, then you already know what that was.

Check the location of the router

If you are having problems since you have the router, since you moved, or in specific areas of your house, the router may not be in the correct location or may not have enough power to send a signal to that part of your home. To get started, you can follow our tips on how to position the router and its antennas to optimize the signal.

And this is not enough to improve the signal of your WiFi you do not have enough, so you will have to invest in a device that helps you improve coverage in your home, such as mesh network systems, repeaters or PLCs. These are types of devices that will help you expand the WiFi signal of the router and improve it.

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Other problems with the router

And if you don’t have any of the issues we’ve covered so far, but the connection is still bad on all of your devices, you may have to consider that there’s something wrong with your router. Here, first look at the lights on the router to see if there are any different indicators that could signal a problem.

Here, you can consult the instructions of the router in case you notice an error that is signaled in the lights. You can also go into its settings and reset it if the crashes started after you touched something inside. Or just look in the settings that the firmware of your router is up to dateas it may be a specific bug that has been improved with an update.

And if your router is from an operator and nothing you have tried has solved it, then it is good that you contact them to tell them that you are having problems. Surely they will tell you many of the things that we have mentioned for you to check, but if the problems persist they should give you the option to replace the router. Of course, remember that this is in the event that the connection problem is on all your devices.

Problems only on one device

If the problems are only on one device, then it may be a problem with this particular device. This can be for many things. The most recommended, as always in the world of computing, is try restarting this device that is giving you problems. Although perhaps first you can also try deactivating and reactivating the WiFi.

This should fix it, but it’s also possible that it is due to a problem with your browser, and that some extension or add-on that you have installed is causing problems, or that it is something from a website. Here, try using another browser instead of the one you normally use to see if it makes any difference.

we will explain what you can do if you have an unstable internet connectiongiving you some basic advice on how…

we will explain what you can do if you have an unstable internet connectiongiving you some basic advice on how…

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