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we will explain the reasons and solutions for when you notice that your mobile charges slowly, something that may be due both to the capabilities of the device itself and to other things that we will tell you. The idea is that if you notice that your mobile is charging slowly, you know the reasons that may be dueand that we can tell you some solutions for each of them.

Here, we are going to explain these reasons point by point in the simplest way we can. We will try not to overwhelm you with technicalities, so that anyone can understand each of them well.

Check smart charging


The main method when charging your mobile battery so that it lasts as long as possible is to start charging it before it drops below 20%, and that when charging it does not go above 80%. To help you with this, Some manufacturers have a system of smart charging u optimizedwhich can limit that maximum battery charge and slow down charging so that fast charging does not harm its durability in the long term.

Therefore, if you see that your mobile charges slowly when you plug it in or when it exceeds a certain percentage of charge, it may be due to the fact that you have activated some intelligent charging system. Therefore, a first option would be to disable this type of smart charging from the battery settings of your phone, or at least see if it is activated or has this option.

Here, you should know that these systems are made so that the batteries last as long as possible. Not using an intelligent charge is not going to break the battery of your mobile, but it can mean that after a couple of years the maximum capacity has decreased due to the deterioration of the battery’s health.

It could be the fast charging system

There are mobiles that, without having smart charging options, do apply some of its principles to their fast charging systems. This means that, in some models, charging automatically slows down from a certain percentage of charge to improve, as we have said, the useful life of this battery.

So, it may be that your mobile just starts charging at a high speed when the battery is low, but when it reaches 85-90% the speed slows down to reduce heat and better conserve the battery. Here, you should know that this is normal in the latest generation mobiles, and that there is no kind of malfunction. They simply go faster when starting to load and that makes the load seem slow in the end. Almost all models load slower at the end.

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Check that you use the correct charger


Although this may be a bit difficult to understand technically, not all mobile chargers are the same. A phone will accept a certain amount of energy, and there are chargers that have different internal configurations with which to allow that amount of energy to be delivered to the cable. For example, if your mobile accepts 30W of power when charging, you need a charger that offers that power capacity.

In general, all mobile phones that come with a charger in the box usually have one that serves to give you the charging power you need. But your mobile could charge slower if you use the charger of another devicebecause it simply may not be ready to send you all the energy you need to charge at full speed.

Therefore, you should try to use the official mobile charger whenever you can. And if not, you have to look at the maximum energy capacity that the mobile accepts to charge, and use a charger that supplies it. For example, if you have a mobile that charges at 30W and you plug it in with an old 5W charger from an old mobile, the mobile will charge much slower than if you buy or use one that also serves 30W.

could also be the cable

When we talk about a charger, we refer to the nozzle that is plugged into the socket and to which the cable to which you connect the mobile to charge is then connected. But if you are not using the cable that came with your mobile, you may be using one that is not capable of sending enough energyand then you may have a problem.

If you want to get technical and finicky, we will tell you that for your mobile to charge at 30W, 30 watts, the charger and the cable have to deliver that energy. Watts is equal to volts times amps, so there are different configurations to send that energy, it can be 10 volts and 3 amps, or 6 volts and 5 amps, or maybe the reverse, with 5 volts and 6 amps. The problem is that some USB cables have limitations in the number of amps they send, and depending on the volts and amps that the charger can send, they may not add up to enough.

But this is very complicated. Here, what you will need is to make sure always use the official cable of your mobile, and if you are going to buy another one, try to make sure that it is compatible with the charging capacity of your mobile. The ideal would be to buy the USB cable and the charger at the same time in case you need others, and make sure that between them they can deliver the energy that the mobile needs.

Take care of your old rule

power strip

If you are not plugging the mobile directly into the socket to charge it, if you use some type of power strip, “thief” or extension cable, it may you are using one that is in poor condition and is not sending the current regularly. This can happen when you use one that is a bit old and has already seen many battles.

Therefore, if you have the mobile plugged into some old power strip or thief and it charges fast, it is possible that it is because this strip is not in good condition, and is interfering causing the electricity not to pass normally, and that the mobile charges slowly for this. For this you can do a quick test, unplug the power strip and use the plug directly, and see if you notice a substantial difference in the load.

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It may just be a thing of your mobile

And the last explanation, which may be a bit annoying, is that your mobile may not have fast charge. If you have noticed that it does not charge too fast precisely when you start using it after using a different mobile, then it may simply be that this new mobile has a lower charging capacity or does not have a fast charge.

All mobiles have a predefined energy input limit for charging, and this limit is marked by their hardware, by their internal charging modules. Therefore, if you come from a mobile that charges at 30W and you start using one that charges at 10W, no matter what cables or chargers you use, your mobile will always charge at its maximum 10W, and it will do it 3 times slower than the previous mobile.

Here, you have two options. You can simply get used to it and adapt to this charging speed, or simply save up until you buy a new mobile with a higher charging capacity. To get rid of doubts, look at the specifications of your mobile and look for the data of the load that it accepts.

we will explain the reasons and solutions for when you notice that your mobile charges slowly, something that may be…

we will explain the reasons and solutions for when you notice that your mobile charges slowly, something that may be…

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