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The nominations for the 94th edition of the Oscars were made public about a month ago, and there are as always, obvious presences and big surprises. Among the most talked about in Spain is, of course, the presence of two Spanish actors as finalists for Best Performance for the first time in history: Penélope Cruz (‘Madres paralleles’) and Javier Bardem (‘Being the Ricardos’). However, neither ‘Mothers Parallels’ nor ‘El Patron’ have been nominated for Best International Film (although Alberto Iglesias wins another Spanish nomination: for best soundtrack for Almodóvar’s film).

In any case, we can start warming up for the gala on March 27. We selected the most important films among the nominees and we tell you where to see them (apart from all the ones that, of course, you can go to see at the movies) from among the platforms of streaming. Let’s put on our best clothes.


Since the nominations were announced, it has been time for ‘Dune’ to reach our screens, of course through the Warner platform. Although Denis Villeneuve’s film is not having much luck with the jackpots of the different installments in which he participates, which is undoubtedly bad news for the most ambitious genre cinema, its scale and aesthetic proposal they make her worthy of an award.

  • Nominated for: Best Motion Picture, Original Screenplay, Cinematography, Sound, Visual Effects, Production Design, Editing, Makeup and Hairstyling, Costume Design, and Music.
  • Where to see it: hbo max

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‘Don’t look up’

One of the great bets of the year of Netflix takes four nominations, two of them main, although curiously its large cast does not scratch a single one. satire of adam mckay has occupied the conversation on the internet for several months, and his wry script has the ballots to be recognized for it.

  • Nominated for: Best Film, Original Screenplay, Editing and Music.
  • Where to see it: Netflix

‘The power of the dog’

No less than 12 nominations wins this Netflix production that is sweeping the awards season. Some of them, like best director (Jane Campion, becoming the first woman nominated twice for this category in the history of the awards), are almost guaranteed, much more coming with the precedent of Venice. His extraordinary cast has also been fully recognized.

  • Nominated for: Best Picture, Director (Jane Campion), Actor (Benedict Cumberbatch), Supporting Actor (Two: Jesse Plemons and Kodi Smit-McPhee), Supporting Actress (Kirsten Dunst), Adapted Screenplay, Editing, Cinematography, Production Design, Music and sound.
  • Where to see it: Netflix

‘West Side Story’

East classic musical remake It takes us back to an ambitious and very colorful Spielberg visually. Unfortunately, his box office performance has been much less spectacular than expected, which has partly shattered his expectations with the awards. Even so, it is one of the most nominated: seven awards that may not be enough for the director.

  • Nominated for: Best Picture, Director, Supporting Actress (Ariana DeBose), Cinematography, Sound, Production Design, and Costume Design.
  • Where to see it: Disney+

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‘Being the Ricardos’

Of course, Aaron Sorkin’s look at the Golden Age of Amazon-produced television had to be recognized, as it always is with nostalgic audiovisuals at the Oscars. However, who has taken all the nominations has been his cast: Nicole Kidman, Javier Bardem and JK Simmons, which makes all the sense in the world, since it is a film entirely directed by its interpreters.

  • Nominated for: Best Actress (Nicole Kidman), Actor (Javier Bardem), Supporting Actor (JK Simmons)
  • Where to see it: Prime Video

‘The Williams method’

Discussed but very Oscarable -from the classic point of view of the awards- biopic of the father of Venus and Serena Williams, two of the most important and successful tennis players in the world, and their peculiar techniques to make them number one. Most of her nominations go, unsurprisingly, on the casting side.

  • Nominated for: Best Picture, Actor (Will Smith), Supporting Actress (Aunjanue Ellis), Editing, Screenplay, and Original Song
  • Where to see it: hbo max

‘The Alley of Lost Souls’

After ‘The Shape of Water’ and his consecration at the Oscars, Guillermo del Toro had a major challenge ahead of him with his new film. The result is a film that feels entirely like the auteur’s own, but that also try to make some concession as a clearly Oscar-worthy film, among others the proceeding of a minor black and white Hollywood classic.

  • Nominated for: Best Film, Production Design, Costume Design, and Cinematography.
  • Where to see it: Disney+

‘Tick, tick? Boom!’

Received with some controversy and also with some coldness, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s directorial debut It briefly passed through theaters and ended up on Netflix, occupying a not very crowded space. This fictionalized auto-biopic about Jonathan Larson’s first steps before composing the mythical ‘Rent’ has an indisputable asset in the interpretation of Andrew Garfield, and this has been recognized by the Academy.

  • Nominated for: Best Actor (Andrew Garfield), Best Editing
  • Where to see it: Netflix


One of the best Disney remakes of an animated classic came with this recital of mischievous looks from Emma Stone, which, of course, won a couple of nominations in categories dedicated to characterization. One of the strong Disney+ releases last year which is already preparing a sequel in which the icon of anti-dog villainy will continue to be reformulated.

  • Nominated for: Best wardrobe, makeup and hair.
  • Where to see it: Disney+

‘The tragedy of Macbeth’

How could it be otherwise, this brilliant, almost abstract and very dark adaptation of ‘Macbeth’ at the hands of Joel Coen it takes a couple of nominations that highlight its highly original visual section, almost like an avant-garde horror film. Well deserved nomination for Washington, and a shame Frances McDormand didn’t get another one.

  • Nominated for: Best Actor (Denzel Washington), Cinematography, Production Design.
  • Where to see it: AppleTV+

‘It was the hand of God’

The almost infallible Paolo Sorrentino composes here a semi-autobiographical piece which takes place in a Naples plunged into poverty during the eighties. Rites of passage, teenage tragedies and the best football as a backdrop are the keys to this film, which gets yet another nomination for a Netflix that can boast of its contribution to the highest quality cinema this year.

  • Nominated for: best international film
  • Where to see it: Netflix

‘Tammy Faye’s eyes’

A unique origin has this film recently landed on Disney +: it is based on a documentary about a pair of telemarketers, the marriage of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakke, and their long process of redemption. The great Jessica Chastain gets a well-deserved recognition for her great role in a film that portrays times of dark morals in the United States.

  • Nominated for: Best Actress (Jessica Chastain), Costume & Hairstyling
  • Where to see it: Disney+


And let’s go with the pan of nominations for best animated film for Disney. All of them well deserved, as is the case with this remarkable fantasy about inheritance and family fraternity with songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Germaine Franco. Technically overwhelming, it is the favorite of its category in a year full of great animated films.

  • Nominated for: best animated film
  • Where to see it: Disney+


A single nomination takes the latest from Pablo Larrain, but it’s one of the fat ones. Of course, it is Kristen Stewart who can take the statuette home from her for her incarnation of Lady Di at a key moment in her biography. Recently released in theaters, you can now see it on Amazon Prime Video, and check whether or not this latest biopic by Larraín is up to par with others in the genre by the same director, such as ‘Jackie’.

  • Nominated for: Best Actress (Kristen Stewart)
  • Where to see it: Prime Video

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‘Parallel mothers’

As we said above, Pedro Almodóvar has not had the acceptance of other years at the Oscars this year, in a film that critics have not received absolutely unanimous either. However, it takes a couple of deserved nominations and we can already check for ourselves if the hype is up to the circumstances or not on Netflix.

  • Nominated for: Best Actress (Penélope Cruz) and Soundtrack
  • Where to see it: Netflix

'The Mitchells against the machines': An alternative vision of the internet stars in an excellent animated proposal on Netflix


This year’s inevitable Pixar piece is this simple and very emotional children’s adventure set on the Italian Riviera, and it arrives full of nostalgia and color. Its peculiar and warm aesthetic, its story of friendship between kids and its praise of difference do not make it a clear winner in its category, but it does bring us back to the best Pixar.

  • Nominated for: best animated film
  • Where to see it: Disney+

‘The Mitchells vs. the Machines’

The most corrosive family animated film of the year is this satire of our very modern preoccupations hanging from screens. A story of fast-paced family understanding, with rebellion of the machines included and that brings the best seal of quality: the production is by the almost infallible Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (‘Spider-Man: A new universe’)

  • Nominated for: best animated film
  • Where to see it: Netflix

‘Ray and the last dragon’

The second Disney production (not counting ‘Luca’, of course) that has been nominated is one more traditional exotic adventure story, with fantasy creatures and journey of self-discovery. The traditional Chinese legends and their charismatic dragons receive a spectacular facelift here thanks to the production company’s technology and visual muscle.

  • Nominated for: best animated film
  • Where to see it: Disney+

The nominations for the 94th edition of the Oscars were made public about a month ago, and there are as…

The nominations for the 94th edition of the Oscars were made public about a month ago, and there are as…

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