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If it is not one of the most beloved anime in history, it is certainly one of the most analyzed and reviewed of all time: an epic wonder by Hideaki Anno that despite its brevity (26 chapters and a movie in its run original) and the cryptic of his proposal -which mixes wicks and celestial creatures without disheveled- is still so current as on the original date of its issuance, in 1995.

The order and chronology of viewing is not too complicated, but it is convenient to review everything, to make sure that none of the sequels and spin-offs remain in the air. We are going to recapitulate the complete series, to remember the order in which to watch series and movies, both broadcast and chronological, and also on what platforms it can be done.

Broadcast order and where to watch ‘Evangelion’

Let’s clarify, first of all, that ‘Evangelion’, as it has been known for decades, is 26 episodes of a series and a movie. Zero complications. But then more series, more movies, and a lot of recoveries of the original material have arrived… a real mess that we are going to start clearing up with this chronological list of all of ‘Evangelion’. The original series and the first film can be seen on Netflix, and we link to it below.

Original Series and Movie:

From here, watch out: four films framed under the title ‘Rebuild of Evangelion’, which work as a kind of remake / reboot, which concluded last year and that you can see on Prime Video.

As a detail only for completists: also on netflix you have ‘Evangelion: Death(True)2’ from 1998, known in its home editions back in the day as ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth’. It is an hour and a half film divided into these two parts: ‘Death’ is a summary of the series with some extra scenes, and that abounds in the lore of the world of Evangelion; ‘Rebirth’ is the first third of the feature film ‘The End of Evangelion’, which was released as a preview for the Japanese market in 1997. But there are extra scenes, so a must stop for devotees.

In any case, our advice: don’t complicate your life and enjoy the series like this: original series, movie and four extra movies. If you can access the director’s cut that some of the home editions have, great. Do you want a chronological order because you like to go hard? Let’s go in chronological order.

Chronological order

This chronological version it’s not very orthodox because it involves splitting a film in halfbut you wanted it. Here is what you have to do:

The 13 best anime series that can be seen on Netflix

  • ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’: Episodes 1-24
  • First hour of ‘The End of Evangelion’, to attend a radical change in the plot that affects Shinji.
  • ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’: Episodes 25 and 26
  • Rest of ‘The End of Evangelion’
  • ‘Rebuild of Evangelion’ movies

Worth it? It depends on the importance you give to the chronological order. But always keep in mind that this is not the genuine order that Hideaki Anno had in mind.

If it is not one of the most beloved anime in history, it is certainly one of the most analyzed…

If it is not one of the most beloved anime in history, it is certainly one of the most analyzed…

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