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In Huawei they have renewed their catalog with laptops like the MateBook X Pro or with convertible tablets like the MateBook E, but they also have new equipment in All-in-One format. Is he Huawei MateStation Xa product that draws attention for its touch screenwhich has a remarkable diagonal but above all is surprising for adopting the 3:2 format.

It is not the only surprise of this desktop PC that competes with the iMac and that it does so with the guarantee of powerful AMD Ryzen 5000H processors. It is not a gamer-oriented team, but rather to those who like to work with a single application on the screen. One that will also look great on that screen with 4K + resolution.

Huawei MateStation X data sheet

Huawei MateStation X


IPS 28.2-inch touchscreen, 3:2 format

3,840 x 2,560 pixels, 164 dpi, 60 Hz

500 nits, 98% P3 gamut, HDR400


AMD Ryzen 5600H

AMD Ryzen 5800H


Integrated, AMD Radeon Graphics


16GB DDR4 3200MHz




WiFi 6

Bluetooth 5.1


2 x USB-C (USB 3.2 Gen 1, PD, DP1.2)

2 x USB-A (USB 3.2 Gen 1)

3.5mm headphone port


Three speakers (2 x 5W + Subwoofer 10 W), Devialet technology

4 microphones


1MP (720HD)


Super Device Support

Silent cooling < 20 dBA

Includes Huawei keyboard with fingerprint reader

Includes Huawei AF30 Bluetooth mouse


Windows 10 Home

Upgradable to Windows 11

Dimensions and weight

614.16 x 529.74 x 187mm




A design marked by the 3:2 format

The new Huawei MateStation X makes use of a design in which there is a particularly striking feature: a 3:2 screen formatmuch more “square” and that clearly guides the team to productivity scenarios.


It is something that we have seen in tablets and laptops for a long time, but there was little presence of monitors – Huawei has one, in fact – or All-in-One equipment with this format. The idea here is clear: work with maximized applications and enjoy a viewing area that invites us to focus on just one task and one window.

That has its advantages, of course, but also its disadvantages. It is perfectly possible to take advantage of the monitor to have more windows on the screen – its resolution certainly plays a role here – but for example It is not a screen that is designed for video games or to consume multimedia content.

We can do both, of course, but in this format those experiences are somewhat limited. When watching series or movies that adopt widescreen formats, we will have to live with large black bars flanking the video.


In this design, the screen, which occupies 92% of the front part, also has some very fine frames: just 8.5 mm on the sides and top, and 11.8 mm on the bottom edge. Five layers of glare-reducing elements have been applied to the panel.

The tilt of the screen can be easily controlled, and the stand looks solid and powerful. In this design, an almost completely smooth finish stands out. -the back is only “stained” with the Huawei logo- and the ports are on the base to free the screen from this type of connection.

Silent power and screen that invites you to touch it

The hardware proposal of the new Huawei desktop PC stands out for that screen with a fantastic diagonal and resolution and that also has one more striking feature: it is tactile, something unusual in equipment of this segment.


We also have the presence of processors AMD Ryzen 5000H serieswhich have 7 nm FinFET photolithography and have 35 and 45 W TDPs depending on the model.

That is a guarantee against the U series used in ultraportables and that is limited to TDPs of 15 W. The 5000H series therefore gives greater room for maneuver for more ambitious scenarios, and the Zen 3 microarchitecture is the other great guarantee for having equipment that provides a lot of joy when working with virtually any application.

It is also relevant that they have accompanied the equipment with 16 GB of RAM and with an SSD unit with 1 TB of capacity. There don’t seem to be any expansion optionssomething that would be desirable but is rare in All-in-One equipment due to its construction and design.

What we do have are good options in the area of ​​connectivity – Wi-Fi 6 has been the norm for a while – and in the available ports, with two USB-C and two other USB-A that They give capacity to connect all kinds of peripherals.

There is also one last important point that Huawei emphasized: we are dealing with especially silent equipment when they are in operation: their cooling system makes the noise generated does not exceed 20 decibels according to the manufacturer.


All these elements make the MateStation X an interesting alternative that has the webcam in the upper frame -despite its thinness-. That camera is assisted by a microphone system and also three speakers to enjoy audio and multimedia content.

In the software proposal We have Windows 10 Home pre-installed. but free upgradeable to Windows 11, curious that Huawei has not pre-installed it directly. In addition, the manufacturer highlights the presence of Huawei Share, its technology so that this equipment and other Huawei devices work together.

Huawei MateStation X price and availability

Huawei has indicated that the price of the Huawei MateStation X it will be 2,199 euros. Availability of this All-in-One PC is not yet known.

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In Huawei they have renewed their catalog with laptops like the MateBook X Pro or with convertible tablets like the…

In Huawei they have renewed their catalog with laptops like the MateBook X Pro or with convertible tablets like the…

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