when people hang tv on their wall in impossible positions

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When you buy a brand-new TV—whether it’s smart or not—you usually already have a place planned for it. There are certain tips for example to know how high to place it according to each situation, but there are people who seem not to take these recommendations too much into account.

Indeed on Reddit there are two wonderful subreddits with various examples of people who put the TV too high (r/TVTooHigh) or too low (r/TVTooLow), and although in some cases it is true that the room itself requires it, in others the position of the television is surprising.

At what height should the TV be placed?

The answer to that question is that it depends. It depends first of all on the type of space in which we place itbut also of the layout of the room itself and the limitations that it may pose.

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The ideal from an ergonomic point of view is to have the television in such a way that half of the screen is at the level of our line of sight. Here both the height of the spectators and that of the armchairs from which we watch television, for example, influence.

This means that when placing the TV we have a piece of furniture of a suitable height —which may end up not being when we make the leap to a much larger TV— but also that if we mount the TV on the wall we have to take into account that ergonomic rule.

But of course, we can’t always place the TV exactly where we want. In a living room it can be simpler and we can have more room for manoeuvre, but even in these spaces there can be elements —such as fireplaces or shelving structures—that limit the freedom to position the television.

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Other rooms can make that task of placing the television even more complicated. In the kitchen there is usually not much space and the televisions are usually in more peculiar positions, but we also have the bedroom case.

In that room we do not usually watch TV sitting but lying down, and that makes the recommendation to enjoy all kinds of content change: since our “natural” line of sight when lying down is different, the normal thing is that the TV should not only be placed higher, but also be sensibly inclined for proper viewing angle.

Again, situations may arise in which, due to the layout of the room —or due to preferences or character of the user— the TVs end up at surprising heights, and that is where those striking examples of TVs placed at strange heights.

too high…

Let’s first look at examples of televisions placed too high: That forces users to look up. On the aforementioned subreddit r/TVTooHigh they have a good batch of examples, and we wanted to include a few to show that there are indeed striking cases here.

… or too low

We have the opposite case: that of people who, for various reasons, decide place your television in a very low position. Here the images collide again due to the position one has to adopt to watch TV.

There are again quite a few examples on Reddit thanks to the opposite subreddit, called r/TVTooLow. In it we find numerous examples of situations in which people place the TV on the floor or almost, which means that in many cases they have to tilt their heads to watch it.

When you buy a brand-new TV—whether it’s smart or not—you usually already have a place planned for it. There are…

When you buy a brand-new TV—whether it’s smart or not—you usually already have a place planned for it. There are…

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