we will explain how will you be able to see the next total lunar eclipse, which will be seen almost entirely from Spain at dawn next Monday. This is the last total lunar eclipse that will be visible in Europe until 2025, so it can be a perfect opportunity to enjoy how the moon darkens when the earth gets between it and the Sun, blocking out the light.

In this article we will first explain what day and what time is the eclipse exactly, mentioning its duration and the time of maximum eclipse. Then, we will tell you what you will be able to see from different parts of Spain (yes, you will see the total eclipse), and we will finish by telling you how to see it online… or if you have to take any steps to see it in person.

When is the lunar eclipse in May

the next lunar eclipse It will be visible from Spain at dawn on Monday, May 16. It will be a total eclipse of the moon, and in Spain we will have a very good view of it. This will also be the last total lunar eclipse visible from Europe until 2025, so there will be no other similar possibilities either.

the totality of the eclipse will start at 05:29 hours in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islandsone exact hour less for those who live in the Canary Islands. It will last 1h 24 min. Another thing you should know is that this is the duration of the eclipse itself, but the moon will begin to enter the Earth’s shadow from 4:27 a.m. Spanish time. The moment of maximum eclipse will be seen in Spain at 6:11.

What exactly will you be able to see?

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The representative image of what you will be able to see has been shared on his Twitter account the Royal Observatory of Madrid, to whom these images belong, how much of the eclipse you will be able to see will depend on where you live. In the peninsular northwest and the Balearic Islands, only the beginning of its total phase will be seen, since the moon will set before the eclipse ends. While, in the rest of the peninsula the complete eclipse will be seen.

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Another thing you should know is that in the Spanish peninsula the autonomous cities you will not be able to fully see how the moon comes out of the shadow of the eclipse, since it will also be put before it can be seen. from all over Spain, where they will be able to see all its phases in full will be in the Canary Islandsso they will be the ones who will be able to enjoy it the most.

How to watch the eclipse online and with the naked eye

If you do not have a direct view of the moon, you do not feel like leaving the house, or it is simply cloudy in your area, you should know that you will be able to see the eclipse in all its phases through the Internet you can see it through the web sky-live.tvwhere they will broadcast everything live and for free.

And if you want to see it in person, you should keep one thing in mind. Unlike solar eclipses, You will be able to see the lunar eclipse with the naked eye without any type of protection or danger to your eyes. It will be as easy as going out and looking at the moon.

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