When is iOS 16 coming out and what iPhone models are supported?

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let’s tell you when is iOS 16 coming out and what iPhone models are going to be supported with this next version of Apple’s mobile operating system and its variant for tablets. iOS 16 has been presented today along with its main novelties, although this version will not reach all iPhone models that exist, so we are going to tell you which ones will be able to install it when it is officially launched.

And we say that when it is released, because no specific release date has been given yet for the new version. However, as Apple usually repeats its launch strategy, we are going to take the opportunity to give you an idea of ​​when iPS 16 could be launched.

Before we begin, we are going to tell you in advance that there is no specific release date for this new version. However, Apple is usually pretty predictable when it comes to the timing of betas and releases of the final version of its operating systems, so we can get an idea of ​​when it will arrive.

When will iOS 16 arrive?


Apple has not yet given an official date for the release of iOS 16, and we also do not know the roadmap with the release dates of the future beta versions that it will receive. But this is normal in these cases. Before the launch of each new version of iOS, Apple launches betas in which it polishes the news and the possible errors that arise, and it is a process of several months. However, based on what Apple always does in these cases, we can tell you what you can expect in terms of deadlines.

Between now and the release of the final version of iOS 16, there will be developer betas and public betas. The former are very unstable and not recommended for “ordinary” users, they are only a base on which developers can begin to adapt their applications. The public betas are already more polished and you will be able to install them without problems, and in fact, by using them you will be helping to find bugs so that Apple can fix them.


Apple will launch the first beta for developers in the next few hours, and when it is released, it is normal that the following betas will arrive approximately every two weeks. The public beta usually launches after the second or third developer beta, and Apple has said that it will arrive in the month of July.

Once the two types of beta are in circulation, you will be able to install iOS 16 in its public beta. From here on, just know that public betas typically arrive a day or two after new developer releases, having that time to detect and fix the most critical bugs developers find. Therefore, there will also be public betas every two weeks. These versions will not bring new functions, but will simply polish the system by correcting bugs and improving performance and consumption.

Final versions of iOS are usually released when new iPhones are announced in Apple Keynotes, although sometimes they can arrive a few days earlier. The only thing we know about this release is that it will be in the fall, possibly during the month of September like other years, although this will depend on how the development of iOS 16 evolves.

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iOS 16 Compatible Devices

If you have an iPhone and want to know if you can use this new version of the operating system, we continue with the list of which devices will be compatible with iOS 16. If your iPhone is on the list, this means that it will receive this update at the same time as the others. But if your iPhone is older and doesn’t appear on the list, it’s because Apple has deemed its hardware insufficient, and it won’t receive any more iOS updates.

let’s tell you when is iOS 16 coming out and what iPhone models are going to be supported with this…

let’s tell you when is iOS 16 coming out and what iPhone models are going to be supported with this…

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