when can you claim and how to do it

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we will explain what can you do when an online store cancels an order due to a price error, something that is becoming common, or that happens with increasing frequency. We are going to tell you in which cases you can claim, in which not, and what methods you have to do it.

We live in a world in which online stores are in a constant war to attract the attention of customers with aggressive prices. And sometimes someone might get over the top with a price they shouldn’t have listed, and then they cancel orders saying it was a mistake. It all depends on what the discounted price is and how easy it is to be able to identify that it is an error.

In the article we are going to refer in any case to the purchases that have been completed, when you have seen the offer and have completed the purchase and have paid for the product, receiving confirmation that it has been done correctly.

why can this happen

Online businesses are in constant war. We can see this because when a large online store starts a sales period or significantly lowers a specific product, other competitors usually respond by doing exactly the same. These discounts on specific products are so significant that they can be considered real bargains, and buyers often flock to buy them.

This is so because the best bargains usually have limited units, which means that as soon as we see one we want to go for it before we run out of power. This is part of a marketing strategy, and He has us all always pending to find the best bargain before it becomes popular and we run out of it.

But sometimes a great platform can make mistakes and lower the price more than desired by mistake. By the time they want to realize it, dozens of users have already made their purchase upon detecting the bargain, and the only recourse left to them is to massively cancel all purchases.

Sometimes, when you go to buy an iPhone for 1000 euros for 300 you can already see obviously that it is a mistake, and that the purchase will end up cancelled. However, there are sales that walk this line between the big sale and the mistake, and there may be platforms that cancel orders simply because they regret the price and not because of a mistake.

Either one or the other, these cancellations often cause buyers anger and frustrationwho are left without knowing to what extent it is legal to cancel an order that you have already made and paid for, even though they always give you your money back.

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If the price is noticeably wrong


The power to claim or not that the price at which you bought a product is met when it was reduced and that you have been canceled will depend on how this price was. It all depends on whether the price difference is outrageous, if it is a difference that any informed buyer could identify as erroneous before making the purchase.

If you go to an online store and see that a 1000 euro mobile phone is reduced to 100 euros, then it is very evident that it is a mistake. And when this difference is scandalous and the buyer knows perfectly well that it is not a bargain, but a mistake, it is difficult for the buyer to cling to the fulfillment of the sales contract. In these cases, the purchase contract would be voidable due to an error in the consent from the seller as an incorrect offer.

In these cases, online stores should inform the buyer as soon as possible and return the money, waiting for the buyer to accept this return. Although there are judicial resolutions for all tastes and with different criteria, in general there is not much you can claim if the price is visibly wrong. In some cases, they can

When it is not clear that the price is wrong

The problem in these cases is in the gray areaswhen it is not possible for an informed consumer to know for sure whether the price at which he or she has bought a product is wrong or not.

In these cases, when I, as a seller, cannot be sure whether the price of 700 euros for a 1,000-euro mobile is a mistake or not, then the seller should bear the consequences and comply with the price established in the offer. Come on, if you have bought this mobile at a price that could perfectly be a discount and you do not notice that it is a fault, then they have to send it to you. And so with other products.

The causes for which a purchase can be canceled are established and assessed, and are the lack of capacity of the parties, illicit object or cause, vice in the consent due to error, violence, deception, and injury. It is unlikely that in these cases the seller will be able to prove that it was a notable error.when the discounted price is close to other discounts it’s hard to prove that you have not trusted the veracity of his offer.

As a summary, If you cannot differentiate that the price is an error, the online store must comply and send you the product at the price at which you bought it. If the order has already been cancelled, you will have to claim, because they have an obligation to comply.

As you can see, these cases can be quite complicated, since there are many gray areas in which the offer is too good to be true, but it is not obvious that it is a mistake, since it could always be a groundbreaking offer. That is what makes it not so easy for users to claim.

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How can you claim that they give you the product

The procedure for making a claim is as follows. First of all, you should talk to the customer service of the establishment, and try to solve the problem with them. Customer service should give you a solution, although I already warn you that this is not always going to be fast. If you are not sure where the customer service is, you can also contact the establishment through social networks.

In the event that you are not satisfied with the solution provided by the customer service of the online store with which you have the problem, you can contact the consumption office of your autonomous community. In the event that the store submits to arbitration, something that it puts in its terms and conditions, Consumer could solve the problem. But if not, they will only be able to act as mediators and try to get you to reach an agreement.

And if with neither of the two previous steps you reach an agreement, then I would have to go to court to demand compliance with the contract. The contract is generated by the web page, it is that verification that they send you when you make the purchase correctly.

These are the legal and official steps that you have to take to try to comply with the purchase that you have made and then have canceled. But we live in the 21st century, so if it is something that has affected many people You can try to organize and claim on social networks. Sometimes the fact that this error is being talked about can also speed things up, since many platforms care about their digital image and do not want controversy.

As we have said above, this is always in cases where the price was not grossly wrong, and that could be perfectly confused with an offer. In cases where any informed user can know that the price is too low and that it is a mistake, then they can cancel the order.

we will explain what can you do when an online store cancels an order due to a price error, something…

we will explain what can you do when an online store cancels an order due to a price error, something…

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