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If you are a Windows 11 user, a big update is on its way to your PC. Microsoft has just officially released Windows 11 2022 (also known as 22H2), a version that incorporates a good handful of novelties and that you can now download.

Highlights include improvements to the Start Menu, tabs in File Explorer, a new Task Manager with Efficiency Mode, Clipchamp as a video editor, and more. Let’s see all the news and how to install the update.

All the news of Windows 11 2022

Snap Layout improvements. This feature, exclusive to Windows 11, just got better with a new design that makes it easier to use on computers with touch screens. Plus, you gain the ability to organize multiple Edge tabs.

Snap Windows

Focus Assist and Do Not Disturb. Now when you start a focus session, Windows 11 will mute notifications and turn off taskbar pop-ups. We can also set a concentration timer and schedule rest reminders from the Clock.

Focus Windows 11

Windows Studio Effects arrives. It is an integrated application that, using artificial intelligence, seeks to improve the image of our computer’s camera and the audio from the microphone so that we can see and hear each other better in video calls.


In addition, it adds additional functions, such as Background Blur, so that what we have in the background is not seen, and Eye Contact to obtain automatic framing while we move.

Clipchamp on Windows 11. In September 2021, Microsoft bought the Clipchamp video editor with the intention of incorporating it into its operating system and perhaps replacing Movie Maker. Finally, that day has come.


Tabs in File Explorer. In addition to the long-awaited tabs, long available on Linux and macOS systems, we can now pin important files to the File Explorer home page and more.

Photos, at last, is renewed. The Windows 11 Photos app debuts a new gallery view that promises to make it easier to browse, search, and manage your photo collection. It also allows backup to OneDrive.

Taskbar overflow. It was from one of the rumored shows. If we open many applications, they will be displayed in an overflow menu on the taskbar, facilitating access to them and improving user productivity.

Improvements to nearby sharing and Smart App Control. Windows 11 now makes it easier to share your desktop with other devices. At the security level, business features have been enhanced to prevent threats.

How to install Windows 11 2022

Windows 11 2022 rollout has already started, although the notification that it is available may reach some users before others. In any case, we will always have the option to start a manual update so as not to have to wait.

The first thing to do is enter Setting > Windows Update. On the update management screen, click on Search for updates and wait for Windows 11 2022 to appear.

How to extract texts from an image in Windows 11

The next step is clicking on Download and install and wait for the process to complete. Remember that, as in any update of this type, the device will have to be restarted. Also, if you have a laptop, don’t forget to have it plugged in.

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If you are a Windows 11 user, a big update is on its way to your PC. Microsoft has just…

If you are a Windows 11 user, a big update is on its way to your PC. Microsoft has just…

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