What you need and how to install the developer beta of iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and watchOS 9

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we will explain what you need and how to install the beta versions for developers of iOS 16, as well as those of iPadOS 16 and WatchOS 9, the new versions of Apple’s mobile operating systems. These beta versions coming out from today they are not recommended for “walking” usersbut is intended only for developers who want to start adapting their apps to the next version of these systems.

These betas for developers are the ones with the most failures and bugs, which means that they are unstable, your mobile will give you problems when you least expect it, and it will even consume more battery than normal. But if you are a curious person, you may also want to explore what’s new in these versions, and in the end the process to install these betas it’s not that hard either.

What you need to install the developer betas

To be able to install the iOS developer betas you need to have a developer profile of applications for Apple. Therefore, the first step is register on the apple developer page whose address is developer.apple.comand once you do, you can download your profile to install it.

There is another option to get a developer profile without being a developer, and it is by delegating to third-party websites specially designed for this. The most popular page for this is called Beta profiles. All you have to do is click on the operating system you want to download a profile from, and you will download a fake one. It’s not ideal and there’s no guarantee that any issues will be fixed well, but it’s an alternative nonetheless.

As we have already warned you, these beta versions are intended for developers and it is not recommended to use them. Beta versions for normal users will arrive in July, and then you can download them more easily. These versions will still be unstable and rough, but they will be a bit better and the iOS versions will already have been improved a bit compared to the developer versions.

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How to install the iOS, iPadOS or WatchOS beta

Select Device

Once you have used one of the two methods that we have told you and you have downloaded your developer profile in iOS, you have to open the profile as if it were a file through the app Records. When you do, a window will appear asking you where you want to install the profile. If you have downloaded the iOS profile you have to choose the iPhone. You have to download and install the watchOS profile on the iPhone where you have the Apple Watch linked, and the iPadOS profile on the iPad you want to update.

Profile Downloaded

After installing the profile, you have to go to the Settings of the device where you have put it. Once inside, click on the option downloaded profile and choose the option Install that will appear inside to finish completing the installation.


The process of completing the installation of the profile is quite simple, you just have to follow each of the steps that are given to you. The only special requirement here is that you will have to type the password of your device to make sure it’s you. This means that if you are installing it to someone, this person will have to give you this key.

Software update

Once you have finished and you already have your developer profile installed on the device, you have to restart it. When it starts again, you just have to check for new software updates, and a new version of the operating system should appear already available. You will look for updates in the option of Software updatewithin the category General of the device settings.

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In this guide we have shown you the screenshots of an iPhone, but the steps are exactly the same on an Apple Watch or iPad. The only thing that changes is that the profile for the Apple Watch will have to be downloaded to the iPhone it’s paired with, but everything else is the same.

we will explain what you need and how to install the beta versions for developers of iOS 16, as well…

we will explain what you need and how to install the beta versions for developers of iOS 16, as well…

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