What we can expect from Apple’s ‘Peek Performance’ event on March 8

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Apple will celebrate its first event of the year tomorrow, and the usual expectation surrounding the Cupertino company has been generating more and more hints about what we may see in said event.

As always, there are pools for all tastes, but in all of them the product that seems like a sure candidate to make its appearance is a new iPhone SE with 5G connectivity. There are other strong possibilities, so it’s good to review what we can expect from Apple’s ‘Peek Performance’ event tomorrow.

Likely news for iPhone, iPad and Mac

The celebration of this March event it has been irregular: Some years it was held in April – like last year, when the iMac M1 and iPad Pro M1 were presented – and in others there have been both new services and hardware.

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However, that event name seems to clearly point to hardware news and even a promise of what is to come. In that sense there are strong candidates to make his appearance. Thus, we fundamentally expect the following:

  1. iPhone SE 3 (5G): The “affordable” iPhone seems to be renewed this year with a third-generation model that will have 5G connectivity and the probable inclusion of the Apple A15 chip, the same as the iPhone 13. Its design is not so clear: there are those who ensures that it will keep the one from the previous model, but other point to a design more similar to the iPhone XR.
  2. iPad Air: the range of tablets will also be renewed with the arrival of a model that will be at the level of the iPad mini. It is expected that the design of 2020 will be preserved, but that we will have 5G support, the A15 chip and the Center Stage feature (which follows the subject of video conferences) for the FaceTime camera.
  3. Mac mini M2 / Mac Book Air M2: Another of the possible highlights is the new Apple M2 chip, successor to the M1 and which will be somewhat more powerful although it will not reach the levels of the M1 Pro or M1 Max. That chip will probably debut in the refurbished Mac Mini M2, which will be smaller and could expand its range of connection ports. The other candidate for renewal is the MacBook Air, which is also awaiting redesign after its M1 version in which the chassis of the previous model was still used.

For asking, not to stay

The rumor mill Apple has once again generated even greater expectations about the possibility that the Cupertino company take the opportunity to present even more news.

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The options actually point to both renewal of more equipment of the Mac range as well as areas that had been without news for a longer time and even, why not, the final presentation of a product that could be Apple’s next disruption. Among the possible (but not necessarily probable) would be the following products:

  1. Mac Mini M1 Pro/Max: The Mac mini may win many points not only in design, but also in power. There has been talk of these renewed models with the M1 Pro and M1 Max that have already made their appearance in last year’s MacBook Pro.
  2. iMacPro: The iMac M1 was one of the first computers to be refreshed both inside and out, but many expect an even more powerful — and less colorful — 27-inch iMac Pro, perhaps with the M2 or the M1 Pro or M1 Max. It is another of the options of the pools.
  3. applemonitor: There has also been talk of a possible monitor that would offer a more affordable option to the Pro Display XDR, but it seems that this screen could still take time to arrive.
  4. AR/VR glasses: It seems clear that Apple is doing significant research in this area, but so far there have been no official products. Some time ago there was talk of how in 2022 we would at least see virtual reality glasses and in 2023 augmented reality glasses would debut, and although it seems that these deadlines could be extended due to those tumultuous last months, perhaps Apple will make an announcement in this regard. Or maybe not.

There is also expectation to meet the successor to the Mac Pro, but seems still early to know details of a team that usually takes time to arrive due to its ambition and its orientation towards an ultra-professional niche.

Apple will celebrate its first event of the year tomorrow, and the usual expectation surrounding the Cupertino company has been…

Apple will celebrate its first event of the year tomorrow, and the usual expectation surrounding the Cupertino company has been…

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