what the new regulation of the DGT says about the transport of pets

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Dogs, cats, birds or hamsters… For some they are just animals but for many they are a part of the family. And, for the DGT, they are one more passenger inside our car. It is not surprising that its correct transport is also collected in the General Circulation Regulation.

As with any other passenger, carrying an animal in our car without the appropriate retention measures can be a real danger for the animal itself and for the rest of the people traveling with it. In an impact, its mass is multiplied and a collision can be fatal for any of the parties.

The fine

Recently, the fine for driving without a seat belt has seen the subtraction of points on the driver’s license increase, from three to four. The economic punishment, however, remains at the previous 200 euro fine.

In the case of animals, there is no rule that specifies the use of restraint systems for them, as is the case with humans, but in the article 18.1 of the General Circulation Regulations specifies that the driver “must take special care to maintain the proper position and that the rest of the passengers maintain it, and the proper placement of the objects or animals transported so that there is no interference between the driver and any of the they”.

Failure to comply with the rules contained in article 18 of the General Circulation Regulations is stated to fall within the infractions indicated as “serious”, those that according to the Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety carry an economic penalty of 200 euros.

How to bring pets

To avoid added dangers or reduce injuries in the event of accidents, the DGT recommends that we carry our animals restrained with two harnesses with a short joining system. In the event of an accident, this system will allow the animal to collide with the front seats and suffer serious injuries.

If you have a carrier, if it is small, it is best to place it in the footwell. If the carrier is larger, it can be stored in the trunk but for greater safety it is recommended to install a separating grid so that, in the event of an accident, the impact is not directly against the rear seats.

Finally someone designed a car with dogs in mind: with a screen, speaker, bed, food and even a shower

The DGT reminds that, in case of not having any retention system, at 50 km/h a pet multiply your weight by 35 in case of impact, so a 20 kg dog will exceed half a ton on impact. In addition, it ensures that half of the drivers do not know how to transport to your pet, although also that, for 67% of them, the legislation is not clear enough.

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Dogs, cats, birds or hamsters… For some they are just animals but for many they are a part of the…

Dogs, cats, birds or hamsters… For some they are just animals but for many they are a part of the…

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