What science really says about one of the most common breakfasts in Spain: toast

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As much as they tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this meal not usually the most careful for the Spanish. Those who prefer somewhat elaborate and more forceful breakfasts will often resort to toast. This leads us to ask ourselves, is toast a healthy option to start the day?

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As is so often the case in nutrition, there are advocates and detractors of including toast in our breakfast. Crew of proposals of breakfast elaborated by nutritionists introduce some form of toast among your options. Toasts offer us a base of carbohydrates that we can accompany with other micro and macronutrients such as vitamins and proteins.

Without the toast they also have detractors. Like Monique Tello of Massachusetts General Hospital, who wrote in an article that “to the cells in your body, a bowl of cereal, a bagel, a piece of toast or a cupcake is no different from a dessert.”

An important aspect to consider is what the alternative is. The toasts are surely better than the pastries, but perhaps not as much as accompanying a natural yogurt with fruit. This second option is not the most common in the Spanish breakfast, but more often the toast replaces cookies and different types of pastries.

The most important factor that distinguishes a miracle diet from another that is not: adherence

What makes the toast is the bread, but there are many types of bread and we do not always choose the healthiest. There is some consensus that the integral option is better to resorting to white bread. Loaf bread is also often considered more nutritious than the mold, which includes a greater amount of sugars to allow its conservation. Keep in mind that, although the whole wheat option is better, “artisan style” or “natural” white breads are not necessarily better.

Some of the buts that are put on toast have to do with the roast itself. Even though bread is a cooked product, toasting it can alter its nutrients. Roasting can favor the appearance of the acrylamidea compound that appears when starches are subjected to high temperatures, and that increases the risk of cancer. That is why it is important to avoid “burning” the bread when toasting it.

The accompaniment.
It is also very important how we accompany the bread (if the phrase sounds redundant, it is because it is). Here is another problem with our habits, since two of the usual protagonists of the toast in our breakfasts (butter or jam) are especially healthy options.

Fortunately, among the breakfast recipes we can find some that include toast. An example, if we tend towards the sweet, would be the toast with peanut butter and banana. This recipe provides us with a variety of grains and nuts with the added nutrients of the banana. In addition to energy, it will also provide us with the necessary fats to face the day.

Avocado toast has gained fame in recent years and is also a regular in these recommendations, accompanied, for example, by fresh tomato and egg or mushrooms. In addition to avocado, other toast options can include tuna, turkey or chicken, cheese or strawberries. Even the typical British breakfast beans can serve as a nutritious option.

The importance of having a good breakfast.
Breakfast is definitely an important meal. The energy and nutrients that the first meal of the day gives us are key to facing the first half of the day, but we must bear in mind that, as always, there are nuances.

For example, we must consider that it is not only the fact of having breakfast, but also the amount and type of food that we consume. It is also vital to know that not all bodies are the same, so becoming obsessed with changing the rhythms at which our body asks for food can be counterproductive.

Tips for a good breakfast.
Eating breakfast is important, but also doing it well. The key to a complete breakfast is that it provides us with a variety of nutrients, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is also advisable to include fruit at breakfast, which will make it easier for us to reach the recommendations for daily consumption of these products.

Toast can help us achieve this variety of nutrients, but of course there are alternatives. Tello, for example, recommended in his text to replace toast with seeds, grains and nutsaccompanying these with yogurt and frozen fruit.

In the variety is the taste and also an aid to achieve a balanced diet. Perhaps it encourages us to know that, even among the diets proposed by the experts, there is room for toast of another kind.

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As much as they tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this meal not usually…

As much as they tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this meal not usually…

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