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we will explain what’s new in the march update of PlayStation 5 that has been released a few hours agoand that also brings news for PS4. These are novelties that have been tested in beta phase, and that have already matured enough to be disseminated among all users.

In this article, we are going to tell you what has been the news received with the update, trying to explain them to you so that you understand them well. And then, we will also tell you the simple process to force update in case it hasn’t arrived.

What’s new in the update for PS5 and PS4

One of the first novelties is that you can now create or join open or closed groups on PS4 and PS5 or via the mobile app. Closed groups will require an invitation, while joining open groups will not require anything.

On the PS5 the Game Base interface has been improvedand has been divided into different tabs for friends, groups and messages. There are also changes to how trophies lookwith different lists of trophies and different cards.

In the game library there are also changes, and now you can filter games by genre to better find what you are looking for. you will also be able pin up to five games or apps to the start screenthe Ukrainian language has been added, and the DualSense software has been updated.

In addition to this, some accessibility features have also been added, such as enabling mono audio on headphones. Voice commands have also been added to be able to control the console with them, although these are only available in English.

There have also been changes to the PS App, which now includes a dark mode, allows you to manage and join open and closed parties, and easy access to friends, groups and messaging features. There are also some minor modifications in the app PS RemotePlaylike dark mode and more languages ​​to read the screen.

It has also been announced the arrival of the VRR in future updates, the variable refresh rate with which TVs and monitors with HDMI 2.1 can synchronize the refresh rate with the console itself. This will improve the visual performance of games, and make the overall experience better. This will come to the PS5 in the future.

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How to update your PlayStation

How to update

To update your PlayStation 5 to the new version in the event that this update does not automatically arrive, you have to go into the settings and click on System. in here, go to System Software and click on System software update and settings. you will only need click on the option System software update to check for updates.

On PlayStation 4 the process is practically the same, although you skip some steps. Enter the settings, and inside you will see that you directly have an option to System software update which takes you to the screen where you can perform the update.

we will explain what’s new in the march update of PlayStation 5 that has been released a few hours agoand…

we will explain what’s new in the march update of PlayStation 5 that has been released a few hours agoand…

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