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we will explain what it is and how to apply for the Youth Rental Assistance Voucher which is beginning to open its calls in some autonomous communities. It is a rental aid for people between 18 and 35 euros, and it is 250 euros per month for two years.

It is an attempt to make decent housing more accessible through rent. We are going to tell you what exactly this help is and some of its features, and we will also tell you What requirements must you meet to apply?. Then, we will try to explain what you need to know to be able to request it.

What is the Youth Rental Bonus

The Youth Rental Bonus is an aid to facilitate the rental of a home among young people, and thus make it a little easier for them to live on their own. It is a monthly help approved by the government of Spainand which will be managed by each autonomous community.

As for the bonus itself, it offers an aid of 250 euros per month for a maximum of two years. This means that if you are paying rent, these 250 euros per month should help you make it more affordable, and thus you can have an easier time having a decent home if you are rented.

The aid is aimed at people between 18 and 35 years old, so you must be that age to apply. You also have to take into account other requirements when requesting it that we will tell you below.

Requirements for the Youth Rental Bonus

To apply for the bonus, you must be between 18 and 35 years old, including both ages. You must also have Spanish nationality, and you must have registered in the dwelling that you have been given or rented, which must be in the autonomous community where you are going to apply for the aid. This must be your habitual residence during the entire period in which the aid is granted.

Also you must be the owner of the lease, or you must have everything in order to sign a rental contract within two months of being notified if you have been given the subsidy. Of course, the house cannot be rented by a relative or friend, nor by one of the people with whom you are living in it.

You must also prove that you owe no month’s rent. You must also have a job, a regular source of income. You must also have an income of less than 24,318.84 euros per year to be able to apply for the aid.

In addition, if you live with other people who have obtained the help, the sum of these cannot exceed the amount of the rental income. If you all have aid that exceeds what is paid for rent, the amount you charge will be reduced so that it does not exceed it.

To all this, there are caps on the rental price of the home you rent initially set at 600 euros, but the autonomous communities can adapt them to the different contexts of each localityso this will depend on each community in which you request it.

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How to apply for help

There is no unified or centralized method to request these grants, since these will depend on each autonomous community. Therefore, it will depend on each autonomous community offering these aids and the methods to request them.

It is true that this lack of centralization makes it all a bit cumbersome and chaoticand that not even the deadlines for making applications are the same, because not all the autonomous communities start at the same time, nor will they all close the applications at the same time.

Applications may submit in the Department of Housing of the autonomous communities. Generally, you can do it both electronically on the specific pages of each community, something for which you will need your digital certificate, and at the government offices of the autonomous community that are in charge of housing.

Two of the first autonomous communities that have opened the application period are Catalonia, which will allow electronic applications to be made in the procedures portal of the Generalitatand the Valencian Community in your help website. Remember that in each autonomous community the papers that are requested of you may vary if you want to present the application physically, as well as the requirements in the maximum rental prices.

we will explain what it is and how to apply for the Youth Rental Assistance Voucher which is beginning to…

we will explain what it is and how to apply for the Youth Rental Assistance Voucher which is beginning to…

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