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Nowadays, Twitch has already become one of the most important platforms to watch live videos, and you also have the possibility to watch videos uploaded by all kinds of creators. In fact, is one of the main platforms to which young people go to consume content, with almost half of its users being between 16 and 24 years old.

That’s why we’ve put together this Twitch Parents Guide so you can understand exactly what this platform is and what kind of content is on it. Also, although it does not have any parental control system, we will tell you some things that you can do to make sure that your son or daughter uses it in a safe way.

The purpose of this article is to familiarize you with this service and its content in case you have never heard of them. For this reason, we are going to try not to make you dizzy with a very long guide, and although we will try to make it as complete as possible, we will try to keep it short and explain things simply.

What is Twitch

Twitch is a video streaming platform, which in English is called streaming. In it, the creators can make their broadcasts, allowing anyone in the world to enter their channel to connect to them and see them. The channel is like a dedicated page within Twitch itself, and in it you can see both the live broadcasts and other content or videos that they leave uploaded.

Anyone will be able to use Twitch without registering if they want to watch content. You just have to enter and go. However, if you create an account you will gain the benefit of bookmarking the creators whose broadcasts you don’t want to miss, as well as being able to participate in the chat conversations that take place during these broadcasts as well.

In addition to this, as a user you will also be able to broadcast live what you’re doingWhether it’s to chat with viewers or play video games or do things and have viewers interact with you through direct chat.

Currently, Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world, and it belongs to Amazon. Also has apps for almost all platformsso you will be able to access it both from your mobile phone and from a console or television, as well as through plug-in dongles to the TV or even from its web version.

One of the attractions of Twitch is that you can earn money through your broadcasts, either with advertising or directly with donations from the people who are watching you. For that, there is a subscription system with which users pay you a monthly fee to show their support.

Initially, Twitch started as a platform to stream your gameplay to video games. However, it has been evolving and you can find all kinds of content. You will find entertainment programs, people chatting and reporting on their favorite topics and video game broadcasts or all kinds of events.

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What can be done on Twitch

What you can do on Twitch mostly depends on whether you’re a viewer or a content creator.. If you are a content creator, you can do anything that is within the platform’s rules, which means no full nudity, insults, or incitement to violence.

If you decide to broadcast the content, or if your child decides to do so, initially it will have to be simply for the love of art. However, if the account starts to have a certain impact and has certain numbers of visitors, you can also earn money. In this guide we tell you how to start broadcasting and what you need to know to do it.

and those who connect as viewers will be able to access any of the live broadcasts that are made on this platform, consume deferred videos posted by the creators, and interact with everyone in the chats that take place during broadcasts.

Here, one thing you should keep in mind is that you can make purchases on Twitch. On the one hand, you can buy Twitch Bits, which are a kind of internal currency. With them, users can make one-time payments with which to encourage the person who is broadcasting by showing their support.

Besides that, a user can also pay subscriptions to their favorite creators. This is a way to access some exclusive content that the content creator may have, but also to show their support and complicity.

Therefore, it is important to note that young people who are using Twitch may end up wanting to make payments within the platform. Possibly because they like a particular creator and want to show their support, or simply because they see other people doing it and this content creator speaks well to them. Or even for possible exclusive content that may be.

How old are people using Twitch?


Currently Twitch is a platform used by people of all ages. However, according to demographic statistics from last year, 41% of users were between 16 and 24 years old in 2021, this age group being the majority among those who use this service.

This age group is followed by 32% of users between 25 and 34 years old, and from then on the rest of the ages gradually decrease. Therefore, we can say that the platform is especially popular among the youngest. Regarding gender, 65% of Twitter users are men, with the remaining 35% women. Therefore, male majority on this platform.

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Is Twitch safe for your children?

Twitch can be used by people who are 13 years of age or older, and have a specific email in case you are a parent or legal guardian of a child under the age of 13 who has registered an account. With this method, You can request that the minor have their account closed indefinitely and that your data be removed from the database.

Unfortunately, beyond this Twitch does not have any parental control system with which you will be able to limit the content that the little ones in the house access or the number of hours they spend using the platform on the computer.

In addition to this, there is also no type of filter by age inside Twitch. This means that all users can access all types of content regardless of their age something that can open the door for them to consume content that they shouldn’t.

Is Twitch content appropriate?


Twitch has all kinds of content. It is a platform that is going to put video game broadcasts first, since it is the theme that made them popular, but you will find practically everythingand since there are no filters for the youngest, it can be dangerous.

In addition to video game broadcasts, you will also be able to find live programs similar to the ones you can see on TV, talks that can be a kind of live podcast, and many other contents.

Facing young children, there may be some topics related to wars, violence and sexuality that you may not want them to access. Furthermore, there may also be broadcasts in which the participants appear scantily clad and playing more adult themes.

Despite this, you should know that Twitch applies some automatic filters to avoid certain types of content. For example, live harassing behavior, where a person is insulted, bullied, or reveals personal data, is prohibited. Also violent behavior and hateful behavior, nudity and pornography.

Users who show one of these contents in broadcasts will be banned or penalized. Therefore, this makes the most explicit content is outside the platformalthough there is still other content a bit close to that that you can sometimes come across.

This moderation is usually done automatically and through algorithms that analyze the content of the broadcasts. But also there is a reporting system by which users can notify the moderators of the platform of possible content that has skipped these filters.

Here, it would be advisable to review from time to time the profiles that your son or daughter follows. For this, unfortunately, you will need access to your account, and there is always the possibility that you do not follow all the broadcasts you enter through the platform.

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Annoying users can be reported


On Twitch you will have the possibility to report users who broadcast or comment on broadcasts, informing in this way of their bad behaviors. The notice will go to the moderators, who will review the account, its content and its actions to see if it violates the rules of behavior.

You can report both an account and its content or the private messages that have been sent to you through the whisper system. And when you go to do it, you will have a window in which you will be able to explain the reason why you want to report it, indicating the rules that you think they have violated.

You can report content for various reasons, including violence, intimidation, and harassment or hate speech. You can also report self-harm, nudity or explicit sex, terrorism, or spam and scams. Whenever you do, you will have the option to write a text explaining the reasons for which you make the report, to give the moderators a little more context.

Protect your child’s account

As it does not yet have any type of parental control system, the only thing you can do to protect your son or daughter’s account as much as possible is talk to them to help them set up your account privacy and have them educate them about online privacy.

To do this, you have to enter the section security and privacy of the account settings. In the, in the section of Privacy you have several options available. For example, you will be able manually block usersalthough this is something that can also be done during broadcasts by clicking on their names.

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You can too block whispers from strangers so that no one they don’t know sends them private messages, and also block receiving gifts on channels they don’t follow to prevent them from being contacted by other methods like these gifts.


Another useful thing you can do is block the creation of additional accounts, so your son or daughter can’t so easily create a secondary account that you know nothing about. When you verify an account’s email or phone number, you’ll have the option to disable additional account permissions so they can’t be used by other accounts.

Nowadays, Twitch has already become one of the most important platforms to watch live videos, and you also have the…

Nowadays, Twitch has already become one of the most important platforms to watch live videos, and you also have the…

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