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We will try to update you on how is the process going for the arrival of DTT in 4K, which seems to be approaching with some first tests of channels that broadcast in that quality, but which does not end up being glimpsed on the near horizon. This is the next evolutionary leap for DTT to offer a better resolution than the current HD.

We are going to start by explaining what exactly 4K DTT is, and then we will tell you how can you watch current 4K channels What’s on DTT? Then, we will go on to tell you some of the details regarding the steps that are being taken for the arrival of 4K.

What is DTT in 4K

We could say that DTT in 4K is that dream that we should have achieved today, but of which we are still far. It would be the possibility have broadcasts in 4K quality of conventional television by DTT, something that has already been tested for some time, but is still in the testing phase.

Currently, in Spain we already have two test channels that are broadcasting in UHD 4K since 2021, although they are test broadcasts that do not broadcast any specific programming. Even so, when you get to them you realize the enormous potential it has to watch TV in maximum quality.

Currently, the quality at which the main DTT channels are broadcasting is HD, which would be 720p, although perhaps some may be in FullHD 1080p. In any case, the channels do not indicate it, they just say that they are HD. And that’s if you’re lucky, because we also have low definition or SD channels.

Therefore, DTT in 4K would be the next evolutionary leap for lifelong television, a very necessary one. Although before we get to that, we will have to take other later jumps.

How to watch DTT in 4K

Currently, we can see two DTT channels in 4K. These are the channels of UHD Spain, a non-profit association that has 30 partners, including the Atresmedia group, RTVE, MediaPro, Dolby and Fraunhofer. Its broadcasts are with HDR and Dolby Atmos, although there is no programming, so they could be considered as test broadcasts.

You can see these channels just like the rest of the DTT, you simply retune DTT and they should appear among all of them. You don’t need any extra gadgets, though. your TV must be 4K to be able to display this resolution.

In addition to the two channels of UHD Spain, the Valencian Community is also going to start testing three 4K channels on DTTone for each provincial capital. Broadcasts will start soon as a pilot test the metropolitan area of ​​the city of Valencia, where you can enjoy this resolution on dial 41. And later, channels will also be created in Alicante and Castellón de la Plana.

In addition to this, cities such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville, San Fernando de Henares, Malaga and Santiago de Compostela also have this type of test channels to take the first steps to 4K broadcasts.

There is still a way to go until DTT 4K arrives

Our DTT is perfectly capable of offering 4K broadcasts thanks to the DVB-T standard, but there is a problem, and that is that doing so would reduce the number of channels that they can issue for it. This is so because the bandwidth that a DTT channel would occupy would be the same as that occupied today by four HD channels, which is the maximum quality that we have today in DTT.

One of the solutions would be to adopt the DVB-T2 standard, the natural evolution of the predecessor. It offers higher transmission capacity and a more modern codec. The problem is that a new standalone decoder would have to be used, something that can be a problem for this natural evolution.

Another alternative is the DVB-I standard, a hybrid DTT-IPTV model, a mix of current DTT with television over the Internet. The user would not have to know if the channel is broadcast over the antenna or over the internet, and it is the receiver that takes care of everything. HD channels would come through normal DTT, and 4K broadcasts would be accessed over the Internet.

In either case, these two are alternatives that are still in the long run.. In the shortest term, the next evolutionary leap will come when from 2023 all networks must broadcast in HD. That’s when the transition to HD is complete, and you can start thinking about the next step.

We will try to update you on how is the process going for the arrival of DTT in 4K, which…

We will try to update you on how is the process going for the arrival of DTT in 4K, which…

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