what is it and how can you apply for the subsidy to buy music, video games and subscriptions

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we will explain what it is and how to apply for the 400-euro Youth Cultural Bonus approved by the Government of Spain, and will offer help so that young people can consume more culture. It is an attempt to bring young people a little closer to the cultural sectors that have been punished during the pandemic.

This bonus was announced in October 2021, but it was not approved until March 2022. We are going to explain its details in a simple way so that everyone understands it, specifying what the money will be spent on. And finally, although it is not yet active, you will be told how the platform works to carry out the procedures.

What is the Young Cultural Bonus

The Youth Cultural Bonus is an aid for young people who turn 18 throughout 2022, with which they will have 400 euros to purchase products, services and activities related to the world of culture. In total, it is estimated that almost 500,000 young people throughout Spain may end up benefiting from this aid.

Officially, the objective of this bond is to promote a way to finance and revitalize the Spanish cultural sector after the difficulties it has suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic. The mechanics is not to give them aid directly, but to give it to young people so that they consume cultural products.

This measure does not come without a certain amount of controversy, since the aid is only for those who turn 18, while the rest of the young people stay out of it. Therefore, if you are 18 years old but turn 19 during this year, you will be excluded from the aid, and the same for any other age.

In total, this aid represents an item of 210 million euros in the General State Budget, and those who benefit from it they will have 12 months to spend the money after receiving your grant.

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what can you spend the money on

You will not be able to spend all the money on the same type of culture, since the cost of this aid is going to be distributed and diversified in three different sectors. In each of these sectors you will have a maximum cost. This is the maximum amount of aid money that young people will be able to spend in each sector:

  • A maximum of 200 euros in live arts, cultural heritage and audiovisual arts: This will be divided between tickets and subscriptions for performing arts, including live music, cinema, museums, libraries, exhibitions and scenic, literary, musical or audiovisual festivals.
  • A maximum of 100 euros in cultural products in physical format: This will be divided between books, magazines, newspapers and periodicals. You can also spend in video gamesmusical scores, vinyl recordsCD, DVD or Blu-ray.
  • A maximum of 100 euros in digital or online consumption: This will be divided between subscriptions and rentals to musical, reading or audio-reading platforms, audiovisuals, purchase of audiobooks, purchase of ebooks, subscription to podcasts, subscriptions to online video games, digital subscriptions to press, magazines or other periodicals. Yes indeed, subscriptions will be limited to a maximum of four months.

For the rest, the purchase of some stationery products such as printed or digital curricular textbooks, as well as equipment, software, hardware and computer and electronic consumables will be left out of the aid. Nor can the aid money be spent on musical instruments, sports or bullfighting events, nor on fashion and gastronomy, nor on material classified as X or pornographic.

Finally, The Youth Cultural Voucher can only be used in establishments or institutions adhering to the programthat operate within Spain, or that carry out sales activities or make available cultural products, activities and services.

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How to apply for help

All the procedures of this program will be carried out through a specific technological platform which has not been released yet. On this platform, young people can request and receive aid, and entities can join so that money can be spent on them. come on what You can only spend the aid money in the entities that appear on the platformwhich are the ones that have adhered to them.

Young people who turn 18 during 2022 will have to register on this platform and apply for aid. Applications will be processed in order of presentation. If approved, the youth will receive the full amount of aid in nominal virtual prepaid card formatwhich means that only this person will be able to use the aid money, since it goes in their name.

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Once the aid has been conceived and in his profile, the young person will have 12 months to spend the money. If this young person does not have a compatible mobile for the virtual card, then he will have the possibility to request a physical card. The aid money can be spent on the entities that appear indexed on the platform.

we will explain what it is and how to apply for the 400-euro Youth Cultural Bonus approved by the Government…

we will explain what it is and how to apply for the 400-euro Youth Cultural Bonus approved by the Government…

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