what fails, what is happening and how to know when it works again

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It’s not you, it’s your bank. BBVA’s online banking is failing since this morning, and if you are trying to open its application you may not be able to. In these cases, we always have the doubt of whether what is wrong is your mobile or the bank application, and we are going to clear up your doubts by explaining what exactly is happening.

Like all Internet services, online banking services are also exposed to errors in their servers and they stop working for a few hours. The case of banks is especially sensitive, since many operations and payments depend on them. For this reason, in the end we are going to tell you how you can know the moment in which the problem is solved.

what exactly is happening

error bbva

BBVA’s online services have been failing for hours, which is causing that if you are a client of this bank, you cannot operate correctly through your mobile or its website. BBVA has not specified the specific error it is having, but he has said that they are having problemsand that they are trying to find the solution.

This message warning of the problems has been broadcast through their social channels, such as your twitter accountwhere they have anchored a message in which the following can be read:

🔵 We are having technical access problems on our channels. We have detected the incident and we are working to restore the service as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconveniences. Thank you. 🔵

As for the type of error, as we say, at the moment we do not know if it is some kind of specific problem on their servers or something more serious. We only know that they are technical problems, although the fact that they are taking several hours to fix it seems to indicate that they are not small problems. In any case, according to they are responding to users who ask, they have already detected the problem and they work on fixing it.

What is going wrong

The bug is affecting almost all of its online services, such as its website, which is preventing users from accessing their accounts over the Internet. This means that if you need to carry out an operation in your bank through the browser of your mobile or your computer, you will not be able to do so. You may not even be able to log in.

There are also problems with your mobile application, so if you’re away from home and need to do some kind of management through its official app, you won’t be able to either. There are also users who they are reporting problems when making payments with the card via mobile, where payments are being accepted but no confirmation messages are sent.

How to know when BBVA works again

Unfortunately, error reporting pages for online services like estafallando.es do not check the status of online banking, and the pages that do, such as down-detector they are not used enough, and there are not too many reports. Therefore, they are classic methods when checking the status of online services that do not work in this case.

Tinker Bell

Therefore, it is best to stay tuned to the bank’s social networks. When the problem is solved, in the account @BBVA_espana Twitter will be informed of it, just as it is being reported that the service is still down. If you are in a hurry to know when the problem is solved, you can follow the bank account and click on the bell icon to receive notifications with their messages, and thus know in real time when they say it has been solved.

Unless it is something really serious, the normal thing is that during the next few hours the error will be solved and everything will return to normal. In the meantime, the only thing left to do is be patient and wait for it to be fixed.

It’s not you, it’s your bank. BBVA’s online banking is failing since this morning, and if you are trying to…

It’s not you, it’s your bank. BBVA’s online banking is failing since this morning, and if you are trying to…

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