what does this error mean and how to fix it

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we will explain what does the error mean Waiting for the message. This can take time that can appear on WhatsApp. This message will appear when normally what you should be seeing is a message that has been sent to you. Come on, in the hole where the text of the message you receive should be, the error message appears.

We will also give you some tips to try to solve the error. It is true that there is not much you can do effectively, but you can try some things which are usually sufficient in most cases.

What does this error message mean

This is an error due some flaw in WhatsApp end-to-end encryption. What this messaging application does is that when you send a message, this message is encrypted with a password, it remains locked, and it is only opened when the message reaches the person you have sent it to.

This is a security and privacy measure. Thanks to it, if a cybercriminal intercepts one of your messages, you will not be able to read its content because it is encrypted or encrypted. Thus, the content travels safely over the network, and can only be read by the users who are speaking. Each WhatsApp device has a unique private key that is used to decrypt messages.


When the message appears in a conversation Waiting for the message. This can take timemeans that the message could not be decrypted correctly, so you can’t read its content. This comes to mean that the message has remained in a kind of limbohas been swapped but cannot be decrypted, and this can be due to a number of different reasons.

First of all, it might happen when you reinstall whatsapp on some device. This does not mean that it will happen every time you reinstall it, but on occasion the application may not correctly detect that it is the same mobile, and as it always changes the encryption key when it is installed, then it has not been able to decrypt the content .

It can also be because the other person has not been connected to the Internet for a long time. If the message was sent a long time ago and the person has not been connected for a long time, WhatsApp may have decided that the encryption keys need to be renewed, and until this is done the messages will remain inaccessible.

It may also be due to issues with WhatsApp’s multi-device mode, as the web version now works without being mobile-dependent. This means that if you reinstall the application on mobile but continue to use the same account on the web or desktop version, the encryption key changes on the mobile and does not match with those of the login of the other versions.

This can also happen sometimes when you are in the beta version of WhatsAppand that some of the changes that were applied to the application in one of the test versions are not working correctly or have problems with the encryption of messages.

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How to fix this error


As it is an error that can have different causes, there are also different solutions to get to see that message. The first solution is to wait a few minutes in case the message has just arrived. Perhaps WhatsApp is still doing calculations and needs some time to decrypt the message. However, it is not the only solution.

In addition to this, another important check is that of make sure WhatsApp is updated to the latest versionas some kind of internal change may have been applied to the messages that you can only access with the update.

In the event that you are inside it, you can try exit the beta version of WhatsApp. On Android, you have to tap on the options button and go to the linked devices section. In it, select the beta version for various devices and choose the option to leave the beta version. In iOS it is exactly the same, and you will find the section of linked devices within the tab of Setting.

You can also try with ask the other person to reopen WhatsApp in case you haven’t connected for a long time. And if it happened when you reinstalled WhatsApp, you can explain it to them and ask him to forward messages if you have them decrypted on your mobile, so that they now arrive correctly.

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And if all else fails, you can try backup your WhatsApp messages and reinstall the app. When reinstalling it, WhatsApp will ask you if you want to recover a backup. To do it you have to go to the app settings, go to the chatand in it click on the option Backup.

we will explain what does the error mean Waiting for the message. This can take time that can appear on…

we will explain what does the error mean Waiting for the message. This can take time that can appear on…

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