What does a keyboard like the Cyberboard R2 have to cost much more than a PS5

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The firm Angry Miao has been creating unique peripherals for some time, but a year ago they announced a very special keyboard called Cyberboard R2 Le Smoking what was going a little further than traditional keyboards go.

It did not do so much in its pure keyboard part as in everything that surrounds the peripheral: in its aluminum chassis they include an LED panel with RGB backlighting that allows you to display all kinds of animations and effects. The keyboard has been a long time coming, but it is already available (in a limited way) and of course it surprises with its features… and its price.

A keyboard for foodies (and RGB backlight lovers)

Problems with the manufacturing processes and strong demand caused the firm to temporarily cancel the process but now they have units available again. They have done so 404 days later, a number that is a nod to the famous 404 error that occurs when a website is not available.

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The design is to begin with quite different from what other keyboards normally use: the chassis is heavy (more than 3 kg, in fact) and forceful, and also has a slight slope that reminds us of the keyboards of old typewriters.

This shape allows in fact to accommodate one of the star features of the Cyberboard R2: a rear LED panel that is fully customizable and configurable and that shows a matrix of 200 small RGB backlit LEDs that we can use to display information (such as the time) but also animations and patterns of all kinds.

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Aluminum is the star material of a keyboard that we can use with a USB-C connection or with a Bluetooth connection. To activate this Bluetooth connection, in fact, it is enough to disconnect the USB-C cable which, by the way, the manufacturer does not include. The wireless connection can be shared with up to three devices, and just press Fn+1/2/3 to choose any of them.

That LED panel is certainly a very eye-catching feature of the keyboard, but it’s also one that drains quite a bit of battery. Fortunately, the keyboard is also charged wirelessly, and if we have, for example, a wireless charging mat, we will never have to worry about recharging it.

Screenshot 2022 07 07 At 15 59 45

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What less than a suitcase to protect the keyboard when it arrives (especially at this price).

The keyboard is prepared to be completely disassembled, and in fact the base price does not include the keys (keycaps), although it is possible to buy some of the available ones on the website. The complete pack that has the Gateron Ink Black switches and the Glacier keys of the Angry Miao itself makes, for example, the set go up in price up to the 823 dollars.

These switches are, for example, quite heavy: 60 grams of force are necessary compared to the usual 45, but they are a very good option for typing during prolonged sessions, even if we “pound” the keys with force. The sound, as you can see in some independent analyzes, it is soft and not so pronounced like on other mechanical keyboards with louder switches.

Those responsible for Angry Miao are having quite a few requests for the keyboard and in fact the new units will not arrive until July 10. The manufacturing and raw material problems that have affected many other products have also affected the availability of these keyboards, but it seems that they are now slowly becoming available.

It is not, as we have commented, an affordable keyboard: the base kit costs 670 dollars and does not include the keys or the switches – we will have to put them on our side separately -, while the complete kit costs 826 dollars and comes assembled and prepared to use.

More information: Angry Miao

The firm Angry Miao has been creating unique peripherals for some time, but a year ago they announced a very…

The firm Angry Miao has been creating unique peripherals for some time, but a year ago they announced a very…

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