We have just found a very complex network of passageways in a 3,000-year-old Peruvian temple

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Long before “our father the Sun, seeing men in the state they were in, have mercy of us and sent his son Manco Capac to found Cuzco” and create the Inca Empire, the Andes mountain range was already a hive of peoples who climbed the mountains from one side to the other connecting with enormous efforts the Pacific coast with the Amazon jungle, the best example is Chavin de Huantar.

Located 450 km northwest of Lima and at a height of 3,200 meters above sea level, this dense network of paths and stone galleries was an administrative and religious center halfway between one side of the mountain range and the other since, at least , 1500 years before the Christian era. in 1985 was declared a World Heritage Sitenow we have just discovered that it is something much more complex than we imagined.

The discovery that (almost) took the pandemic. Now a team of archaeologists from Stanford University has discovered a hidden network of passageways and other objects beneath one of the most important prehistoric temples in South America. A few years ago, the team decided to use small devices (such as cameras) to “map” those ducts that they were unable to explore in a traditional way.

The approach promised a lot, but the truth is that the investigation did not give much results until, in the first months of 2019, the archaeologists found something interesting. The expectation was great, but quickly (before the new evidence could be examined) the pandemic closed the site and threatened to bury the discovery again in the heart of the mountain. They forgot all about it until a few weeks ago.

A labyrinth in the heart of the mountain. Thanks to a small handful of images from 2019, researchers have discovered at least 35 interconnecting passageways that were built between 1,200 and 200 years BC. In fact, according to John Rickthe director of the investigation, these passageways could have been built before the labyrinthine galleries of the temple.

This same month of May, Rick and his team were able to access a narrow passage about 40 centimeters in diameter and found two sculptural vessels (one of which had the figure of a condor and weighed 17 kilos). It is precisely these ceramics that keep “traits of earlier times never seen”.

Three children were sacrificed at an altitude of 6,000 meters.  500 years later, we found them just as they had been left

America is, despite everything, a very unknown place. If a few weeks ago we found an entire civilization hidden under the jungle, now we see that the oldest peoples were much more complex than expected. In many ways, our understanding of the Andean world is indebted to the Inca culture. But we quickly forget that the Inca Empire is a very recent phenomenon that ate everything that was before him: now we begin to learn to listen to all those secrets that are still hidden in the mountains.

Long before “our father the Sun, seeing men in the state they were in, have mercy of us and sent…

Long before “our father the Sun, seeing men in the state they were in, have mercy of us and sent…

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