We got into Odysee, the anti-censorship “Russian YouTube”, and this is all we found

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The West has decided to silence the digital newspaper Sputnik and the RT television channel as a result of the war in Ukraine, considering them to be propaganda tools in the hands of the Kremlin. The European Union has banned access to its broadcasts and websites, Spotify has removed all media content from its platform, and Alphabet has removed its apps from the App Store and its videos from YouTube. Therefore, both companies have looked for alternatives and have found it in odysseya video-on-demand website that claims to be pro-freedom of expression.

But what is Odysse? It is a video platform very similar to YouTube at first glance, but it has notable differences with the Alphabet website. To begin with, it does not reach two years of life and is based on the protocol LBRY, decentralized and open source, which applies blockchain technology to file sharing and publishing. In addition, it not only pays to upload content, but also to watch it: as its users consume videos, they accumulate LBRY tokens that they can later withdraw to a crypto wallet.

And, on the other hand, there is the issue of censorship. Odysse ensures that it only prohibits and removes pornographic content, that incites violence or extreme violence, and the company itself said a few days ago through its account Twitter that he would not remove content from Russian media: “We don’t care about politics, and being a platform means we have to be a platform for CNN, Fox, RT, etc. Everything has its place in Odysee.” It should be noted that it is also an American company and that, despite its short history, it accumulates eight million users.

How is Odysee for the user? At first glance, its interface isn’t too different from YouTube’s, except that it’s much darker and its menus are smaller. The popular content highlighted by the platform is also similar: tutorials, video blogs, gameplays or recipes. However, this platform has a thematic tab on its homepage that Alphabet does not: news and politics.

And it is there, precisely, where the videos of Sputnik and RT are housed, with special prominence of those of Russian television that refer to the conflict in Ukraine. This tab also abounds with content dedicated to the war from other accounts with different approaches and points of view. Most of them do not cite the sources from which they have obtained the information they share.

Ukraine wants to disconnect Russia from the Internet by suspending the .ru domain.  It is not a good idea

Anti-vaccines and crypto assets. As far as content creators are concerned, the most abundant profiles on this platform, so far, are those of vloggers who report and give advice on the cryptoactive market and former anti-vaccine YouTubers who were censored on the Alphaber website. and decided to move to Odysse to continue broadcasting, according to Genbeta’s comrades report. Although among the most popular videos of the moment what stand out are the tutorials, the recipes and the cinema.

However, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the implications it is having for the two mentioned Russian media could change this and turn it into a mostly political page, since RT is flooding the platform with its content at a rate of approximately 25 videos. a day on its news channel and Sputnik Mundo has recently intensified its activity and only yesterday published five videos. Previously, it was between one and three a day.

To these two means of communication, in addition, we must add the many videos of individuals that proliferate in Odysee about the conflict in recent days.

The West has decided to silence the digital newspaper Sputnik and the RT television channel as a result of the…

The West has decided to silence the digital newspaper Sputnik and the RT television channel as a result of the…

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