We do not have free alternatives to Apple and Google Wallets. This is about to change and it’s great news

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If we have an Android we will use Google Wallet, while if we are iPhone users we will opt for Wallet, previously known as Passbook. Unfortunately, there are not many other options beyond the official applications from Apple and Google when it comes to digital wallets.

This is about to change and that is the Linux Foundation has announced the creation of the OpenWallet Foundation, an organization aimed at creating a new open standard for digital walletsfrom mobile payments to ticket management, including the possible management of cryptocurrencies or passwords.

An open project of this magnitude was needed

The OpenWallet Foundation project is interesting for representing a option away from large companies for a subject as relevant as the management of payments, tickets and, if you trust enough, even cryptocurrencies.

A digital wallet in the end is an application from where we manage tickets such as plane tickets, concert tickets or even public transport cards. These applications also include digital payments, as we have seen in the case of Google where Google Pay recently became Google Wallet.

Google Wallet already works in Spain: this is the evolution of Google Pay that can now be installed on Android

The advantage is that we have all these tickets and payments in one place, without having to access each of the services separately. The problem is that they are not interoperable with each other.

The OpenWallet Foundation hasn’t launched yet, it will be later this year, but already has support such as Accenture, Avast, Okta or OpenID, the latter an open system for registering and commenting on the web. The idea with digital wallets is similar. An open system that other companies can trust, without jumping through hoops with Apple or Google.

“We are convinced that digital wallets will play a fundamental role for digital societies. Open software is the key to interoperability and security,” explains Jim Zemllin, executive director of the Linux Foundation.

It should be noted that the OpenWallet Foundation does not intend to create its own application, but to create an open standard that organizations and companies can use on their own, in digital wallets under their own brand. A standard that can be a real fresh air for increasingly widespread tools.

More information | Linux Foundation

If we have an Android we will use Google Wallet, while if we are iPhone users we will opt for…

If we have an Android we will use Google Wallet, while if we are iPhone users we will opt for…

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