We can prepare for the extra “gasoline” in day-to-day services. Getting started with Uber

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The rise in the price of gasoline will not only affect us when we go to fill the tank of our vehicle. Transport companies, both passenger and freight, are studying what to do in the face of the sharp drop in profits caused by fuel inflation, and the solution, as in so many other sectors, is going to be transferring this surcharge to the pockets of consumers. At least it seems that way in light of what has already happened with the food industry and what Uber has decided: to increase its rates by 50 cents per trip.

Uber’s decision. The American mobility company recently informed its drivers that it was going to raise those 50 cents per trip in Spain to support them in refueling their vehicles, according to reports hypertext. Previously, Uber had already announced that same measure in United States through a statement. In our country, this price increase will start to work from this Wednesday.

This supplement for the increase in gasoline will also be applied to electric cars, according to Uber to help continue buying battery cars to move towards a zero-emissions fleet. The measure is, in principle, temporary and is intended for the next 60 days, in which the company expects the price of fuel to drop in order to withdraw this increase in its rates.

the competition. Cabify, for its part, has not yet ruled on the matter, while Bolt He has explained that he is studying the situation to decide what to do. The taxi sector, for its part, has its hands tied, since even if they wanted to, they cannot raise their prices, since are regulated by the different municipalities, which set the rates at the beginning of the year in response to the demands of the union and consumers. Therefore, the only solution for these professionals is an intervention of the cost of fuel by the Government.

transportation strike. Freight transport professionals, for their part, began a strike on Monday to ask the Government to intervene in the cost of gasoline and stabilize it, according to El País. In this case, companies and freelancers can raise the price of their services, but since they are usually contracts for a period of time, many companies and self-employed workers they do not dare to close agreementssince they fear that the escalation will cause the contract to end up costing them money.

Likewise, they are suffering losses due to the contracts they have already signed and with which they have to comply, regardless of what the price tables of the service stations mark.

The worst energy crisis since 1973: the invasion of Ukraine has triggered gas by 55% and rising

Irremediable price rise. Thus, it seems clear that, sooner or later, the increase in the price of gasoline will end up having an impact on multiple services in our day to day, from the Cabify that we take to return from dinner with friends to the home delivery of our last purchase online, even if the government ends up intervening.

And it is that, although the escalation is stopped, the cost of fuel has already increased so much that it is very difficult for us to return to the prices of a month ago soon. Thus, it is most likely that the price of gasoline will end up stabilizing on the rise and that transport professionals will transfer this increase to their service bills so that their businesses remain viable.

Government intervention. The Executive has not yet made a clear statement on this request from taxi drivers and carriers. Pedro Sánchez has said that they will bet on “tax reductions for the sectors affected” by the War in Ukraine, while the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has indicated that they are going to “study a package of measures, some of them will go through review the low taxation of some sectors or products that are clearly impacted by the increase in inflation”.

The rise in the price of gasoline will not only affect us when we go to fill the tank of…

The rise in the price of gasoline will not only affect us when we go to fill the tank of…

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