We can now declare by video call and with full guarantees

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Telejustice is a concept that the Government has been announcing for years, but at the moment of truth, if we have to go to trial, there are still many obstacles to testifying by video call. This problem was more than evident during the pandemic, where even the Supreme Court had to recall that the “videoconference is not a possibility available to the court, but a required means”.

The underlying problem was not so much legal, but not having the appropriate means. Thus from the Ministry of Justice have presented the Digital Immediacy Virtual Desktop (EVID)a new digital platform that will allow you to identify yourself and sign digitally with full legal guarantees.

Telejustice takes a leap in quality

After the inspections of the Treasury by videoconference, the Government has taken another step in the consolidation of telejustice. The new tool is an interface in which it will be possible to digitally sign and ensure the identification of participants. A system with legal “full guarantees”, essential so that there are no problems with users.

The EVID project has been financed by European funds and, according to the Ministry of Justice, it is a project “unique in the world”. Yes OK, from the European Commission precisely promoted creating such systems.

The objective is avoid unnecessary transfers to courthouses and avoid suspension in the event that one of the parties cannot travel to court. Quarantines for Covid-19 logically come in here, but also applicable to many other reasons.

Among the aspects that have been taken into account is the digital divide. Minister Pilar Llop assures that the elderly or vulnerable people who cannot access new technologies “will be duly cared for and accompanied.” This system will also serve, they explain from Justice, to give security and tranquility to victims of gender violence or those witnesses who do not want to share location with the alleged aggressors.

It was in 2003 when the Organic Law of the Judiciary was reformed was introduced that the videoconference was a possible way in the testimony of a witness or also to ratify an expert report. However, be because the lawyers did not request it or the courts did not have the technical resources, sometimes this option was not used.

This EVID pilot project has now been launched. Since the summer of 2021, both in the Region of Murcia and in the Principality of Asturias, the EVID system has been used for different procedures. In Murcia, the process of auction auctions began and was later extended to the process of accepting the position of expert witness and accepting the legal defense counsel.

During this time it has been used 183 times, with up to 350 people participating online. In Asturias, it has been used for the family sphere, such as the acceptance of the position of curator to act on behalf of people with disabilities. From now on, the Digital Immediacy Virtual Desktop (EVID) will be available to all communities that want to implement it.

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Telejustice is a concept that the Government has been announcing for years, but at the moment of truth, if we…

Telejustice is a concept that the Government has been announcing for years, but at the moment of truth, if we…

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