Android Auto is about to receive one of the biggest redesigns in its history. cool walk is the new interface of Google’s operating system for vehicles, already present in the Android Auto code, but inaccessible without root permissions. In the framework of Google I/O 2022the company has officially announced Coolwalk, letting us see its news and announcing when this update will arrive that we expect beta after beta.

Coolwalk is coming this summer to Android Auto

cool walk

The last Android Auto redesign It occurred in 2019, after serving five years of life. The interface has been completely revamped, with a new app launcher, dark theme, improvements to the notification system, and more. Just “only” three years later, Google will completely renew Android Autowith the Coolwalk interface.

The new Android Auto interface has the main purpose of adapting to any screen size. Manufacturers have been integrating touch screens in cars for years, and getting the system to display optimally regardless of its format or size is key. Coolwalk even has split screento adapt the different apps to the panel of our car.

It will thus be possible to use multiple applications without having to open the app drawer. In the same way, the navigation and media playback banners will always be visibleregardless of whether we have other applications running while we have Google Maps open or we are playing a song on our favorite streaming service.

There are also new features for the Google Assistant, such as contextual suggestions. Suggested answers, recommended music, or share our route with a contact in one touch. Depending on the use we make of the car, the Google Assistant will be able to recommend quick actions, without having to be distracted from the wheel. In the same way, we will be able to answer messages and call favorite contacts even faster.


For those cars with Android Automotive, Google’s operating system integrated directly into the vehicle, Google tells us about bring multimedia apps to the system. We can navigate from the screen of the car, and even transmit content to it, as if it were a Chromecast.

Regarding the arrival date of Coolwalk, Google guarantees that it will do so in the summer, so we can expect your arrival between the months of June and July. The update will reach the Android Auto app on our phone, which should always be updated.

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