Vivo X80 Pro opinions after first contact. Video and photos.

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This week we have traveled to Berlin to learn about the new great bet for the high-end mobile telephony that the VIVO company is going to bring to our country in the coming weeks: the Vivo X80 Pro. This new flagship joins the high-end catalog of the company and is considered as one of the candidates for phone of the year 2022thanks to some great specifications, a promising camera system in which the ZEISS company has been very actively involved, in addition to several very interesting novelties that I have already been able to test.

Vivo X80 Pro technical sheet

I live X80 Pro


6.78-inch Super AMOLED LTPO
QHD+ at 3,200 x 1,440 pixels
Refresh at 120 Hz


Snapdragon 8 Gen 1



Rear camera

Main: 50 megapixels f / 1.75
Wide angle: 48 megapixels f / 2.2
Portrait camera: 12 megapixels f / 1.85
Periscope: 8 megapixels f/3.4, 5X optical zoom

Frontal camera

32 megapixels f/2.45


android 12
OriginOS Ocean


80W wired fast charging
50W wireless charging

connectivity and sound

Dual 5G/4G
WiFi 6
Bluetooth 5.2
usb type c


Ultrasonic fingerprint reader under the screen
dual stereo speaker
IP68 protection

Dimensions and weight

164.57 x 75.3 x 9.1 millimeters
219 grams



A huge camera module and a screen that lacks nothing

I live X80 Pro

That the Vivo X80 Pro is a high-end phone is perceived from the first moment you pick it up. is a device very pleasant to the touch. In fact, it’s one of the nicest I’ve had in recent months. Its rear surface is very smooth and the materials used for its construction (glass and ceramic) perfectly repel the marks of our fingerprints and dirt.

Its rear surface is very smooth and the materials used for its construction (glass and ceramic) perfectly repel the marks of our fingerprints and dirt.

In the design section, What stands out most about the Vivo X80 Pro is the huge camera module, that runs horizontally along the top of the back. To tell the truth, he thought that this module was going to protrude much more from the body of the device, based on the images that he had seen. But once I’ve been able to see it in person, and after using it, I think the integration work has been done quite well, and it doesn’t cause any problems when holding the phone, with one or two hands.

Despite being a large device, and weighing 219 gramsthe compaction work that the company has done for its assembly is quite remarkable, so its use by hand has not seemed heavy or uncomfortable at any time.

I live X80 Pro

The screen of the Vivo X80 Pro arrives loaded with technologywith a 6.78″ AMOLED LTPO panel, WQHD+ resolution of 3,200 x1,440 pixels and a 120Hz refresh rate, features that make it a worthy high-end screen. In the tests we have been able to do so far , has left me quite satisfied, at the level of brightness, quality and sharpness.

AMOLED LTPO technology, WQHD+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. This screen lacks nothing

At the design level, the panel extends generously along the surface, leaving a thin frame around it that is slightly wider above and below. Vivo wanted to bet on a slightly curved panel on the sides. The curves are very good aesthetically, but as we already know, they do not add anything to the experience (sometimes quite the opposite). The good news is that, on the Vivo X80 Pro, the surface of the curve is so fine that at least for now we have not had any accidental touches during use.

And since we are talking about the screen of the Vivo X80 Pro, one of the most interesting novelties that this phone integrates and that has caught my attention has been its new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor located under the screen. This sensor, in addition to promising an unlock speed of 0.2 seconds, according to company data, also has a much larger reading area to be able to identify our fingerprint more easily.

I live X80 Pro

About this, I would like to highlight some details. For starters, I found the fingerprint setup process amazing. Simply place your finger on the sensor once for the system to completely identify your fingerprint and register it in the system. It is really surprising, because it is a process that is done the first time, in about 3 seconds and without errors.

The fingerprint sensor is under the screen and, in addition to having a larger area, it is configured at lightning speed: just put your finger once and the fingerprint is registered.

On the other hand, this sensor has a unlock area larger than usual, and Vivo has taken advantage of this advantage to provide extra accessibility, and also security, to the phone. For example, now we will have the option of being able to lock different phone applications to unlock them using two fingerprints simultaneously.

But there is even more, because on this sensor also shortcuts to different applications can be configured, to access them directly through the lock screen and thanks to our fingerprint.

A technical sheet of height

I live X80 Pro

At the level of specifications, we have a large load of usable power thanks to the processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 1a common feature in most high-end Android phones in the European market.

To complete the specification sheet, we have 12 GB of LPDDR5X RAM and 256 GB of UFS 3.1 storage. In other words, the Vivo X80 Pro comes equipped with the latest specs, and my experience with it so far has been fast, fluid and I have not experienced any errors in use.

I live X80 Pro

Regarding the battery, the Vivo X80 Pro also has high-end specifications. It has a capacity of 4,700 mAh, with support for 80W fast charging that we can take advantage of thanks to the charger that is included in the box of the device.

Speaking of charging, Vivo has also had time to show us a vertical wireless charger with fast charging capacity up to 50Wwhich may well be an ideal companion for the Vivo X80 Pro, or also for any phone that supports wireless charging, compatible with the Qi standard, offering up to 15W of charging power.

According to Vivo, this device is capable of charging the battery of the Vivo X80 Pro from 0 to 50% in just 23 minutes, reaching full charge in approximately 50 minutes. I have also brought this wireless charger from Berlin, so, with a view to analyzing the device, I will tell you how it behaves, both the phone’s battery and its fast cable charging, as well as its wireless charging.

A strong photographic commitment that leaves us wanting more

I live X80 Pro

Within these first impressions, the least I have had time to test has been the camera section of this Vivo X80 Pro, which is precisely the strong point of the terminal and not only at the hardware level, but also in software. But even so, I have been able to take some photos in different conditions, so that you can see first-hand how it behaves.

As I told you in the introduction, Vivo has returned to work side by side with the ZEISS company, German manufacturer of optical equipment and lenses, among other things. For the camera of the Vivo X80 Pro, ZEISS has contributed its grain of sand in the hardware section, and also in the software section, and from what I have been able to test, it seems quite satisfactory.

Vivo has returned to work side by side with the ZEISS company, which has contributed its grain of sand in the hardware section and also in the software. We already anticipate that with quite satisfactory results.

On a technical level, Vivo has integrated a 50MP main sensor, more specifically, the recently presented ISOCELL 3.0 CNG sensor signed by Samsung. Obviously, this sensor is not alone, since it comes very well accompanied by a 48MP wide-angle sensor, a 12MP telephoto lenswhich has gimbal stabilization, which is intended for portrait mode, and an additional 8MP periscope sensor that allows you to have up to 5x optical zoom.

This set of cameras works together with the latest version of the processor dedicated to photography from the company, the Vivo V1+. According to the brand, this element is capable of improving the processing of images and videos taken with the camera to enhance lighting, improve detail and optimize the shot as a whole.

I live X80 Pro

All these lenses have been signed, as I have mentioned before, by the ZEISS company, which has also had an important presence in the software section. In summary, efforts have focused on image improvements at the color level, naturalness of light, an improvement in night mode, and a video section, where the cinematographic style prevails over the rest, thanks to different effects to enhance the bokeh.

We will have to wait for the analysis to draw conclusions, but what I can tell you ahead of time is that the portrait mode seems to have received a huge development work. The captures that I have been able to make have a very surprising image quality, cropping and processing.

I live X80 Pro

Also, the camera has also behaved very well in low light conditions or direct lights pointing at the sensor. With these first hours of use I am quite surprised and wanting to try more. We’ll see what happens when you can do more tests for the final analysis of the phone.

Vivo X80 Pro, first contact

I live X80 Pro

Vivo brings to Spain its strongest bet to reign in the mobile scene, and it does so with photography as the main argument. We will have to wait for the full review to see how it performs in different scenarios, but the truth is that these first impressions leave us with a very good taste in our mouths and wanting to try their cameras more. It also convinces its design with that nice soft back, its excellent screen and on a technical level it seems that it will be up to the range in which it competes.

The Vivo X80 Pro has arguments to stand out in the high range; cameras, good design, large screen and a level technical sheet (also a fairly high price)

It is also up to par in price, and not exactly because it is cheap. The phone will be available in Spain from July 1, 2022, at a recommended retail price of €1,199. We will see if Vivo manages to stand out in a very consolidated high-end. Arguments, of course, are not lacking. See you in the review.

This week we have traveled to Berlin to learn about the new great bet for the high-end mobile telephony that…

This week we have traveled to Berlin to learn about the new great bet for the high-end mobile telephony that…

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