Vässla Bike, analysis with review, with prices, features and specifications

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During the last few weeks we have had the opportunity to have at home the Vassla Bike. This subscription product plays halfway between a scooter, an electric bicycle to, in our country, take the form of a small moped of very small dimensions. A peculiar product tied to Spanish regulations.

In the following lines we tell you our experience with this electric mopedhow your service works and what are its main attributes to be an attractive alternative to an electric bicycle or a scooter in the urban environment.

Vässla bike data sheet

Vassla Bike


Limited to 25 km/h.


133 cm long, 155 cm high. 86 cm height to the saddle. 25kg (battery included).




More than 40 kilometers.


3.5kg battery. 19.2A capacity. Full charge from 0 to 100% in four hours and from 20 to 80% in 2 hours. Motor with rated power up to 450W


Disc brakes on the front and rear wheels. Rear shock absorber under the seat.


Does not have.


Subscription service from 79 euros/month with permanence of

Neither scooter nor electric bicycle, but do not miss it

count the legend that on his first tour of the United States, one of the American journalists from the New York Times, astonished by the irruption of Lola Flores in America, wrote: “she neither sings nor dances, but don’t miss it”. It is a bit the feeling that we have left with this Vässla Bike. Due to strict Spanish regulations, not a vmp. It is not a scooter, nor is it a bicycle. For some it will be a handicap and for others it will be a defining feature that will not matter to them in the least.

Image 0828

Vässla is a Swedish company that has what they call Bike under a subscription service. For private clients it has a price that starts at 79 euros/month, with insurance, helmet, lock and transfer and collection at the door of the home. It also includes repairs in 48 hours at home and can include a basket to transport belongings at no cost.

They assure us that among their regular customers, in addition to people over 25, there are also riders who want a vehicle that is easy to carry on their journeys (in fact, there is a specific rate for them) or small hotel fleets. As we will see, this last type of client is one that makes the most sense.

Image 0938

The Bike is basically a skate with a tall handlebar and a seat. It is well built, it seems robust and its 25 kg weight (battery included) is not surprising when we want to move it. It has a front and rear light, two disc brakes and three driving modes, which are activated with a small control on the left handle, just below the screen that shows the battery, the speed we are driving and the kilometers. tours. Under the seat is the battery, which is removable and weighs 3.5 kg. On it is the on and off button. In addition, it adds two mirrors to facilitate our movements.

Off, it is relatively easy to move. Its great drawback is its weight, but we cannot forget that it is still a moped. And, despite everything, it is an artifact that I have obtained put in the elevator from home (if I use my bicycle I have to introduce it vertically) and store it in the smallest room in my home. I can assure you that the maneuvers with my bicycle, despite being much lighter, are not easier.

Two defining words: agile and fast

The first steps with the Vässla Bike are hesitant, but as we get the feel for the riding modes and the proper posture we gain confidence and agility on the street. See you soon as an equal between traffic, especially on those streets with only one lane in each direction. The Bike arrives limited to 25 km/h, but is capable of reaching 35 km/h if used to its full potential.

Taking the posture in which we are most comfortable, slightly reclined and with our arms well extended, we begin to move freely. The first mode is limited to 15 km/h and is perfect for starting safely at traffic lights to then climb two points and catch up with the rest of the traffic. It is something similar to having a first gear in a car with a manual transmission, which we only use to start the march. In fact, starting in the third mode from a standstill requires an exercise in throttle management, as it is easy to lose traction on the rear wheel (responsible for propelling the moped) or lift the front wheel unexpectedly. Automatically, the Bike itself tries to manage the situation by cutting off its acceleration.


With a bit of mastery it is easy to play with driving modes every time we approach a traffic light or opt for the less powerful ones when we move through the most central streets of a city, to avoid scares with pedestrians or sudden braking in a traffic jam. In addition, the moped moves with a ease that makes you forget its weight very quickly and that does not penalize you on uphill climbs. We can only find a problem in the really pronounced ones, but we never experience a feeling of “being sold”.

On the asphalt, the Bike proves that it is a fully capable vehicle. My fear was that, on streets with more than one lane in each direction, I could be defenseless against cars that rarely respect the maximum speed of 50 km/h, at least in Madrid. The speed of response, both in power and agility, have freed me from this feeling in most cases, although, unconsciously, I have been looking for routes with only one lane in each direction, where I could circulate more comfortably. I do not deny that looking for these types of streets by default is due to my self-protective instinct as a cyclist in the capital.


Limited by its own concept

But the great defect of this Vässla Bike is found in the Spanish regulations. In other countries, Vässla can market it as an electric bicycle, which here would be understood as a personal mobility vehicle. This means that in Sweden and France you can use the bike lane without needing a driver’s license or insurance. Something that is impossible with its technical characteristics in our country, which forces the Bike to have registration, insurance and that its user has AM or B card (to drive).

In addition, another of its disadvantages compared to a powerful scooter and, above all, compared to an electric bicycle is the versatility of use of the latter two. And it is that, any of these vehicles extend their range of action to segregated bike lanes, bike sidewalks or parks. In this case, the user of the Vässla Bike is sold and needs to make longer routes or take certain detours in which, moreover, a VMP does not have the threat of finding a car next to him. Nor should we forget that the use of an electric scooter or a bicycle can also be combined with the Metro, the bus or the suburban network.

Image 0832

Where is this Bike most comfortable? Well, I would say that in the center of the cities. This is where really take advantage of a car, much slower on this terrain, and with the peace of mind that we can stop almost wherever we want and continue the last stretch of the journey on foot. Of course, it is shown as a really attractive alternative for those who have little time to visit a city or are looking for a means of transport that, in addition, allows them to get away from the central almond with certain guarantees of speed and autonomy to go wherever they want. As its battery is removable, it is not difficult to imagine that there will be someone who takes advantage of a stop at a cafeteria or a restaurant to fill it.

In my case, playing with the three speed modes and without being conservative with them, we get a projection of more than 40 kilometers of autonomy from the battery, without skimping on slopes or power during the journey. With these data, for a visit to the center of a city, the autonomy should be more than enough for a whole day.


In movement, the great Achilles heel is found in the management of potholes and bumps, especially in the front wheel arch. Care must be taken in these cases. We will not see our stability compromised as on a scooter, but we can get a good scare if we pass them at a high speed, in addition to feeling the dry hit throughout our body. The rear wheel, accompanied by a good shock absorber under the seat, manages this inconvenience much better.

The other “but” that we have found in the Bike has been its footrests. They are foldable to hide them and avoid pimples when we maneuver with it. The idea is good, but, at least in our unit, they closed too easily. So much so that sometimes they had to be relocated. On the good side of the scale. The operation of the screen is simple but very effective. Monochromatic, it looks good in bright sunlight and does not suffer from reflections that can prevent us from checking the battery charge or the speed at which we are driving.


Xataka’s opinion

Expensive or cheap, it is something that has to end up defining the final consumer. For my part, this Vässla Bike seems to me an excellent option as a hotel fleet to offer it to the client with daily or hourly rentals (as is already done with other VMP or bicycles) or for companies with large work spaces that are looking for a quick, effective and easy mobility of your workers.


For day to day, or you are one of those who get a lot out of it, either because you are a rider or because you are looking for a simple and cheap solution (in terms of consumption) to cover total daily distances of 20-25 kilometers Or, really, I find it difficult to overshadow a good electric scooter or an electric bicycle. With the first, we amortized the investment in less than a year. With the second one, we can reach speeds similar to this Vassla Bike without much effort. And with both we gain the possibility of riding on bike lanes and parks.

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Of course, it is a product designed for a very specific type of consumer. But it is that, in this micromobility, most of the vehicles are aimed at niche users who, due to the characteristics of one or the other, fit the product. That is the great advantage of the times we live in, that a person can choose between a scooter, an electric bicycle, a moped, a shared car…

For those who are part of this last group, it is easy for the Vässla Bike to take them a smile and more than justifies the initial investment.

During the last few weeks we have had the opportunity to have at home the Vassla Bike. This subscription product…

During the last few weeks we have had the opportunity to have at home the Vassla Bike. This subscription product…

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