Ukraine asks Apple to stop supplying products and services to Russia, including the App Store

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The invasion of Ukraine writes a new line – it is not the first and certainly will not be the last – in the technological chapter. Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykalio Feodorov, has asked Apple to block the supply of products and services to its customers in Russia as part of the international offensive to put pressure on the federation led by Vladimir Putin. Through a public letter that Feodorov himself has shared on his official Twitter account, the Government of Ukraine appeals directly to Tim Cook, CEO of the multinational.

“I have contacted the CEO of Apple, to block the apple store for citizens of the Russian Federation and to support the US government’s sanctions package. If you agree to have a killer-president, then you will have to settle for Russia 24 as the only available site,” Feodorov tweeted.

Motivate the Russian population

In his letter, the Ukrainian deputy prime minister censures the “scandalous” aggression of Russia, which he accuses of having attacked residential neighborhoods and hospitals with missiles, and asks Apple to join the sanctions and vetoes applied at the international level. “The enemy must suffer significant losses. But we need support from him. In 2022, modern technology is perhaps best answer to tanksrocket launchers and missiles,” emphasizes Feodorov, who asks the Cupertino company to stop supplying services and products to Russia and block access to the App Store.

“We are sure that such actions will motivate the youth and population of Russia to proactively stop the shameful military aggression,” added the leader. Yesterday Cook used Twitter to show his “deep concern” for the situation in Ukraine and advanced his intention to “do everything possible” for his team in the country and “support local humanitarian efforts”.

for now, Apple Pay has stopped working on Russian territory. Your service –as reported by AppleSfera— has been deactivated in the banking entities VTB Group, Sovcombank, Novikombank, Promsvyazbank and Otkritie, in which it was integrated as a payment method. The Cupertino system would not be the only one to have made a move. Google Pay would have been suspended also in the country.

Feodorv’s request comes after the US, EU and UK announced, already on Thursday, sanctions with which they seek to pressure Russia, complicating its financing capacity, restricting trade with the rebel areas of Luhansk and Donetsk and applying measures against banks, leaders and tycoons. Just yesterday, US President Joe Biden confirmed that his country will be added to the penalties directed against Putin and his foreign minister.

The letter also arrives on the same day that the Russian Executive and another of the big American tech firms, Meta, staged a clash. Specifically, the Russian regulator in charge of communications and technology accused Facebook of ‘censoring’ to four media outlets in the country, which represents, for the country, an attack against the “fundamental freedoms” of its citizens. In response, the Russian authorities have decided to partially restrict it.

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The invasion of Ukraine writes a new line – it is not the first and certainly will not be the…

The invasion of Ukraine writes a new line – it is not the first and certainly will not be the…

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