Twitter joins the wave of layoffs (and is calling meetings at dawn for the next day)

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The wave of layoffs in the technology sector is taking on the shape and force of a tsunami, and few large companies are getting rid of it. The latest to be affected is Twitter, which has just announced the termination of 30% of its human resources division and the termination of several contracts with external recruitment services. In total, the affected workers would be about 100, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Little work. Twitter already announced in May that it was going to review its hiring policies and pause the arrival of new workers in all divisions, with the sole exception of those critical positions in which they could not do without employees. At that time, the CEO of the social network, Parag Agrawal, explained to his workers that the decline in advertising revenue due to the global economic situation and the uncertainty that the company faces due to its sale to Elon Musk were behind that. decision.

This pause has meant that Twitter’s human resources division has been left without an important part of its work, so now the social network has decided to reorganize it and reduce its workforce to adjust it to the smallest number of tasks.

flashy dismissal. In addition to joining the wave of layoffs that is shaking the technology sector, Twitter has also followed in the footsteps of companies that fire their workers in striking and somewhat tactless ways. According to the Wall Street Journal, the employees affected by the layoffs were summoned to the meeting in which they were going to be informed of the decision the same morning of the day that the social network planned to inform them of the termination of their contract.

In this way, Twitter workers woke up this Thursday morning with a 30-minute meeting call for a few hours later in which, by surprise, they were going to be fired. Of course, unlike other companies, these meetings were individual.

Tsunami of layoffs. Twitter thus joins many technology companies that have been layoffs in recent months, such as Netflix, Robinhood, Paypal, Klarna, coinbase or Unity Software. Others, for the moment, have limited themselves to curbing hiring, such as Microsoft, Meta or Salesforce, and lightening the templates, leaving vacant positions for people who resign or terminate their contracts, like amazon.

shop in the air. Meanwhile, the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk is still up in the air as the tycoon analyzes the information on the number of fake accounts on the social network. The operation, for the moment, is maintained, although the CEO of Tesla or SpaceX, among other companies, has already threatened to withdraw if the number of spam profiles exceeds 5% of the total.

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The wave of layoffs in the technology sector is taking on the shape and force of a tsunami, and few…

The wave of layoffs in the technology sector is taking on the shape and force of a tsunami, and few…

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