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Below is a list of my favorite Google Chrome extensions that I depend on every day. These recommended extensions will ameliorate your productivity and also enhance your overall web browsing experience.

The best Extensions for Google Chrome

  1. Vimium Chrome Extensions

Browse the web, interact with web runners, navigate cybersurfer history using keyboard lanes. Inspired by Vim commands.

2. Fika

Read runners in a Kindle-style clean layout with beautiful typography while hiding the distracting corridor.

3. PushBullet

Fluently transfer web runner links, textbook notes, or push prints and lines from the computer to your phone and vice-versa.

4. OneTab

Save all your open tabs in a group and duplicate your session anytime latterly with a click.

5. Gmail Sender Icons

Snappily identify the transferring sphere of a dispatch in Gmail without opening the communication.

6. Bubble Cursor

The add-on makes it easy for you to click on links that are too small to elect with your mouse or for codifying inside input boxes.

7. Picture in Picture

Watch YouTube vids in an always-on-top floating window while you work on other tasks.

8. Zoho Annotator

A simple announcement-free screenshot prisoner tool with an erected-in editor for annotating images. Also integrates with Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

9. Loom

Record a screencast videotape with voice history, include your webcam videotape and share incontinently. See also Screenity.

10. URL Render

Rather than clicking individual links on the Google hunt runner, hang your mouse and incontinently view the underpinning runner in a floating window.

11. Clipt –

A universal clipboard for Android and desktop computers. Copy any textbook on your phone and incontinently bury it on the desktop and vice-versa.

12. Hover Zoom+

Move your mouse over any summary image on spots like Facebook and Amazon and the add-on will enlarge the image to its full size.

13. Quick Source viewer

A more indispensable to the native View Source option that displays both JS and CSS lines in addition to HTML content.

14. Save To Drive

Right-click and save the current web runner, or images on a runner, to your Google Drive.

15. Google Input tools

Type textbook in any language of your choice using virtual keyboards, your handwriting, and transliteration.


16. Google Dictionary

Use this add-on to view delineations of words and learn their correct pronunciation.

17. uBlacklist

Blocks specific spots and entire disciplines from appearing in your Google hunt results.

18. Simple Gmail Notes

Attach sticky notes to your dispatch communication that is patient and will show up the coming time you open that same dispatch inside Gmail.

19. Tab Notes

A minimalistic launch runner for Chrome that opens a simple tablet in each new tab where you can snappily jot down your todos and notes.

20. Simple To-Do List

Replace the new tab runner of your Chrome with an elegant to-do list that requires no signup.

21. Ugly Email

Some emails contain a shadowing pixel that notifies the sender when their emails are read. This add-on blocks the shadowing attempts.

22. Stylebot

Change the appearance of any web runner with CSS pickers, permanently hide rudiments on a runner and the changes persist across cybersurfer sessions.

23. Webtime Tracker

Keep track of how you spend your time on individual websites and fantasize about your Internet operation through graphs.

24. Skip Search

An address bar roadway for the I am lucky command that directly takes you to the most applicable website for your hunt query.

25. Single File –

Download the entire web runner into a single HTML train. The associated CSS lines, sources, and images are also saved in the train.

26. Go Incognito

Open the current tab of your cybersurfer in a new incognito tab, useful for browsing news websites that are behind paywalls.

27. RSS Feed Reader –

An excellent RSS feed anthology that’s accessible from the Chrome toolbar and supports announcements for your favorite feeds.

28. Scribe –

Produce step-by-step attendants and tutorials by recording way and publish them as PDF attendants.

29. Visbug

A must-have design tool for web inventors that brings important editing capabilities to the cybersurfer.

30. Sitemod –

Modify any website on the Internet through Chrome Dev Tools and produce an endless dupe of the modified website with a unique, shareable URL.

31. iCloud Passwords

Access your Safari passwords that are saved inside iOS and Mac device from Chrome on Windows PCs.

32. Twitter Screenshots

Take beautiful, clean, and very clear screenshots of tweets with a click.

33. Black Menu –

Produce lanes to your favorite Google services and access your emails, timetable, vids, and further in a fluently accessible popup.

Below is a list of my favorite Google Chrome extensions that I depend on every day. These recommended extensions will…

Below is a list of my favorite Google Chrome extensions that I depend on every day. These recommended extensions will…

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