One more weekend, we recommend three very different productions: from technological epics based on real events to indie science fiction with touches of horror, passing through a superhero movie without a cape that deserved better luck. Genres for all tastes with three proposals that show that streaming platforms have much more than the latest news of interest.


‘Iron Man’, the start of the MCU, was released in 2008. Also in 2008 ‘Jumper’ was released, and we can rightly say that it belongs almost to another era. But that doesn’t make it any less vindicatable: it introduces us to an antihero played by Hayden Christensen who has the power to teleport to any point in the world, an ability that he will use for his benefit. With many powerful ideas, such as the association that persecutes the Jumpers commanded by Samuel L. Jackson, it was directed by the very interesting Doug Liman, responsible for ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

Three amazing, high-quality movies you can stream right now


We have already said it more than once here, but it is repeated as much as it takes: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead are two of the most interesting directors of current genre cinema, and not precisely because of the couple of episodes they have directed for ‘Moon Knight’. His ‘Resolution’, ‘Infinity’ or ‘Synchronic’ are science fiction with few resources and very powerful concepts, and this ‘Spring’ also has an interesting romantic twist. In it, a young man who is going through a life crisis meets a mysterious girl who hides a terrible secret on a trip to Italy.

Three science fiction and fantasy films to recover in streaming for a different weekend of cinema

‘The hummingbird project’

If you want to delve into more realistic terrain, take a look at this thriller set in the world of technological innovation, loosely based on real events and starring Jesse Eisenberg, Alexander SkarsgÄrd and Salma Hayek. In it, two relatives try to become millionaires by building a fiber optic cable between Kansas and New Jersey. A mix of quixotic comedy and business drama where the projects are bigger than the possibilities.

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