This is the best soundbar we’ve tested, even though it costs 6,490 euros. This is what makes it unique (and spectacular)

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It’s the same with premium stereos as with luxury cars: most fans can’t buy them, but most of us like to admire them and dig into their technology and design. The protagonist of this article is a high-end sound bar devised by the Danish company Bang & Olufsen, and does not hide its identity in the least.

And it is that this Beosound Theater is a luxury audio device designed not to make the slightest constructive, stylistic concession, and, much less, in terms of its sound quality. We have had the opportunity to listen to it with due calm at an event organized by B&O, and we assure you that it is one of those exclusive products that is worth investigating even though its price places it out of our reach.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Theatre: technical specifications


acoustic architecture

2 x 6.5-inch speakers (bass)

1 x 5.25-inch speaker (midrange) + 1 x 1-inch tweeter (coaxial)

2 x 3-inch speakers (midrange)

4 x 2.5-inch speakers (full range)

2 x 1-inch tweeters (treble)


2 x 100-watt amplifiers for the woofers

10 x 60 watt amplifiers

frequency response

28Hz to 23kHz

sound pressure at 1 meter

112dB SPL

bass delivery

94dB SPL

sound processing

Dolby Atmos 7.1.4

Dolby Digital True HD

Dolby Digital Plus 7.1

integrated equalizer

5 customizable listening modes




1x Gigabit Ethernet

1 x integrated control port

1 x 3.5mm microphone jack

8 x Powerlink outputs

wireless connectivity

WiFi 5

Bluetooth 5.1

streaming services

Apple AirPlay 2, Bluetooth audio streaming, DLNA, Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect, Deezer, QPlay, Google Cast and BeoLink Multiroom

typical consumption

120 watts


19.7 x 15.7 x 122.2cm


18 kg (including table or wall mount)



Bang & Olufsen Beosound Theatre. Dolby Atmos 7.1.4. Dolby Digital True HD. Dolby Digital Plus 7.1. 5 customizable listening modes

The construction of this soundbar is superb. makes no concessions

The sound performance of a loudspeaker is largely conditioned by the properties of its enclosure, and to fine-tune this soundbar, B&O engineers have used aluminium, oak wood and synthetic polymers with a purpose: provide it with high rigiditymaximize its anti-resonance capacity and minimize the presence of standing waves inside it.

In high fidelity, 'jitter' is public enemy No. 1 and master clocks are our best weapon to put an end to it

In the table that we published a little above we have collected the specifications of this sound bar, but, even so, it is worth briefly stopping at its acoustic architecture. And it is that it incorporates nothing less than twelve speakers: two 6.5-inch woofers, one coaxial unit equipped with a 5.25-inch diaphragm, and one tweeter 1-inch speakers, two 3-inch midrange speakers, four 2.5-inch full-range speakers, and finally two tweeters 1 inch soft dome.

A battery of twelve class D amplifiers that have a combined power delivery capacity of 800 watts.

Beosoundtheatre Design1

In the following detailed photograph we can see the power supply unit of this sound bar, and I assure you that when you have it in front of you it is much more impressive than in this image. In any case, in my opinion one of the most attractive features of this soundbar is its modular constructiona design decision that allows you to repair or change any of the electronic or mechanical components of the audio bar in a simple way and without the need to interfere with any other element of this device.

Beosoundtheatre Diseno2

The strategy that we have just investigated becomes relevant if we look at the electronic block that is responsible for solving the connectivity of this sound bar. And it is that it is possible to remove it and change it for a new logic that makes this Beosound Theater compatible with the connectivity technologies that will arrive in the future. This ability to upgrade the hardware is always welcome, but in a device with a price as high as that of this sound bar (6,490 euros), this feature seems essential to us.

Beosoundtheatre Diseno3

Another differential virtue of this sound bar: its installation flexibility

Although a priori it can coexist with a wide range of televisions, B&O has designed this sound device so that it ideally works side by side with an LG G2 television. In fact, it is the model that the Danish brand expressly offers us on its website together with its Beosound Theatre. In any case, and this is a feature of this soundbar that is worth not overlooking, users who can afford it will be able to decide very flexibly. which installation option do you prefer.

Beosoundtheatre Versatility1

In the photograph that we publish above this paragraph we can see the design of the tabletop and floor stands. The latter, as you might expect, is impeccably machined from aluminum. And in the next image we have the wall bracket. Both the latter and the ground are motorized and they allow us to act on their behavior using the same remote control from which we operate on the television.

Beosoundtheatre Versatility2

Its sound is extraordinary. It’s the best audio bar we’ve ever heard

And finally, we come to the most exciting section of this article. During the presentation of this sound bar, the B&O technicians allowed us to listen to it both with cinematographic content and with a very wide range of musical genres (using music with a careful sound recording is essential to test the quality of any audio device). ). I don’t want to be overly enthusiastic, but honestly the sound quality of this Beosound Theater is of absolute reference.

This rule of thumb is the best starting point for proper speaker placement for optimal sound quality.

I’ll go straight to the point. The best thing about this sound bar, and what sets it apart with unappealable emptiness from any other device in this category of how many I’ve heard so far, is the punch of its serious end and its outstanding level of detail. Its forcefulness is such that it makes us feel the impact of low-frequency waves in our chest, but, yes, without masking the rest of the audible frequency spectrum. In fact, it shows that the engineers of this brand have made an effort to integrate the low end with the other frequencies of the audible range very coherently.

Beosoundtheatre Sound1

However, this is not all. The richness with which this soundbar reproduces vocals is comparable to that delivered by the most refined hi-fi speakers, and the highs are very detailed, but not overly analytical. And they’re not loud either. This soundbar is comfortable with cinema, but performs as well or better in my opinion when we deliver well-recorded music.

Finally, it manages to recreate a wide soundstage. Vast, in fact. However, and this is, in my opinion, its weak point, it fails to locate each instrument in the stereo scene with the spatial precision offered by a pair of good quality loudspeakers. However, no sound bar I’ve heard can do that because your speakers are too close in the venue in order to accurately restore the spatial information contained in well-recorded stereophonic music.

This soundbar is a delight. It’s very expensive, it’s obvious, but it’s a real cool

This soundbar is a delight. It’s very expensive, it’s obvious, but it’s a real cool. Anyone who wants to improve the sound of their TV, cares a lot about design, is not willing to compromise on very high sound quality, seeks maximum simplicity and has a large budget, you will be right if you take it into account.

The rest of us will have to settle for admiring it, although, honestly, I prefer to reproduce the soundtrack of my films with a dedicated multi-channel team because it offers us an immersion capacity which is not within range of any sound bar. Not even one as sophisticated and luxurious as this Beosound Theatre.

Beosoundtheatre Sound2

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Theatre. Dolby Atmos 7.1.4. Dolby Digital True HD. Dolby Digital Plus 7.1. 5 customizable listening modes

More information: Bang & Olufsen

It’s the same with premium stereos as with luxury cars: most fans can’t buy them, but most of us like…

It’s the same with premium stereos as with luxury cars: most fans can’t buy them, but most of us like…

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