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A couple of months after the return of Google News to Spain, Google takes another step in its strategy of offering news from the media through its channels. It does so with the arrival of Google Showcase, a new tool created by Google in collaboration with the main media in Spain.

Google Showcase will be in the form of small panels that will be displayed in different places. Initially through Google News for Android, iOS and the web, and in Discover for iOS and Android. In them will appear the most important news of the day, selected manually by one’s own means.

Google begins a new stage in Spain with the news

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The times of the Canon AEDE are left behind. As a result of the approval of the new copyright law, Google has changed its stance on the media. In its day, the Canon forced Google to pay to link the news, which caused Google News to spend eight years without being available in Spain. Now, in the wake of the new law, Google has reached an agreement with the major media outlets.

In total there are 60 media, representing more than 140 publications, among which are national, regional and local media. Among them is Webedia, a communication group under which Xataka Y SensaCinema.

Why I do believe that Google and Facebook should pay those of us who feed them content

Google Showcase is available in more than 18 countries since October 2020, among which is Italy, Germany, Portugal or Argentina. According to Google calculations, the company sends more than 24,000 million visits to the websites of journalistic media around the world every month.

The arrival of Showcase represents Google’s approach to the media, despite the fact that there are still rights management organizations that ask Google for copyright compensation for the use of news in Google Discover. A battle that has been dismissed by Justice.

Fr Roberto JimenezHead Of Publishing of Webedia Spain explains that “for us, being at the launch of Google News Showcase is a new step in the idea that the community and the meeting point that our media are also present in all the innovations that occur in the business, in each new channel that exists. We at Webedia have long been committed to recognizable brands wherever they are and both Sensacine and Xataka are not only leading websites in their themes, but they are also everywhere where there is a new user who is passionate about culture, entertainment and technology. It is what has also made us leaders in Tiktok or Instagram, creators of reference in YouTube or Twitch and what, we hope, we will offer in Google’s new commitment to quality journalism.”

How to access News Showcase

The Showcase panel itself will be viewable on Google News or Discover and has top three news of the day. This is a space where the media will be able to report briefly on some of the content that has been published.

Those interested users can access through Google News, where there is already a section dedicated to News Showcase. In this section it is possible quickly view the news from all the media that collaborate with Showcasein addition to accessing the News profile of each publication.

From Xataka we will keep updated our News Showcase sectionchoosing live each day those news that have attracted the most attention and we consider most interesting for our readers.

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A couple of months after the return of Google News to Spain, Google takes another step in its strategy of…

A couple of months after the return of Google News to Spain, Google takes another step in its strategy of…

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