this is Coolwalk, its new interface (which can already be tested, more or less)

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Android Auto and CarPlay are two of the best inventions to take advantage of the capabilities of our smartphone in the car. These platforms, from Google and Apple respectively, allow us to connect mobile to car system to see maps, play music and even make calls.

The one that concerns us today is Android Auto, and it is that Google is working on giving its interface a complete facelift. The new version aims to have a split screen, remove the status bar and even answer calls via SMS. His name (probably in code) is cool walk and we are going to see not only what it looks like, but how to test it, something tedious, but not impossible.

Coolwak is slightly reminiscent of CarPlay

Android Auto

Main screen.

Those who have/use Android Auto are probably familiar with having an app like Google Maps full screen and a status bar with, for example, Spotify playback control. That will change, since the main screen will be divided into cards in a similar way to what happens in CarPlay.

That way, we can have the notifications or the weather on one card, the player on another, and the route of Google Maps in large, as we can see in the screenshots above. We can open the app drawer by pressing the dedicated button (in which case, the player is placed at the bottom) and, of course, see the notifications by pressing the bell.

app drawer

At the bottom we also have the Google Assistant button and phone status, with information such as time, coverage and battery level. Our Xataka Android companions have had the opportunity to try it and ensure that the interface adapts better and allows you to make the most of the space available on the screen.

Coolwalk appears to be under development. Although the interface works well, the truth is that it does not seem definitive. And that is precisely why activating it is a bit tedious.

How to try Coolwak



Normally, testing this type of news involves installing an updated APK or receiving an update from the server, which is typical in A/B testing. With Coolwak it doesn’t happen. The Coolwak code is in the application itself, but to access it and activate the interface you have to have the phone rooted.

Root on Android: what is it, what is it for and what are its drawbacks

root a phone it is not difficult, but it can be complicated for some users and, in addition, may carry certain risks. In the event that we have a rooted mobile, we can use an app called AA IO Tweaker to activate Coolwalk. The steps are the following:

  • Download AA AIO Tweaker from its official website and authorize root access.
  • Once installed, open and navigate to “Activate Coolwalk Design”.
  • Click on “Restart to apply” and wait for the phone to restart.
  • Connect the mobile to the car as normal.
  • On the Android Auto screen, access “Settings”.
  • There you will see the option “Coolwalk enabled”. We activate the button and the new interface will be displayed.

It should be stressed that rooting a phone can carry certain risks and that, if you do so, the user does so at his own risk. As far as Coolwalk is concerned, it still needs some work and is not available, so we will have to give Google time to see if it finally launches this new interface.

Android Auto and CarPlay are two of the best inventions to take advantage of the capabilities of our smartphone in…

Android Auto and CarPlay are two of the best inventions to take advantage of the capabilities of our smartphone in…

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