That iPhone in the image is not a render or a concept. It is a real model that is sold today. It may seem surprising that someone would choose these models over normal ones, but the reality is that there are certain scenarios in which camera phones are not an option.

It happens for example in military, industrial or scientific fields: In certain cases, soldiers and workers operate in areas or projects that should not be photographed, so to avoid this, it is best to use cell phones without a camera.

Prohibited to take photos

For years, one of the main claims of our smartphones is their cameras. It is in fact a strong argument to try to compete at the high end and justify a high pricebut there are situations in which precisely the camera is not an important element: it is almost dangerous.

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a company called NonCam is dedicated precisely to sell modified iPhone and also “conversion kits” for models like the iPhone 7. With them it is possible to end up with a mobile that does everything a normal iPhone does, except for photos.

Those responsible for NonCam explain that this type of modified mobile used in “sensitive industries” such as the military and defense sectors, the oil industry, or certain government laboratories.

One of the longest known cases is that of the singapore armywhich had already been using these terminals for at least one of each. On Reddit some users they commented how precisely they knew people in the US Air Force who had to remove the cameras from their iPhones.

The iPhone models that NonCam works with, yes, are somewhat old, but even so the modification does not come cheap: an iPhone 8 already prepared is priced at $1,400-1,500for example.

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