These are the symptoms that you are burnt out by work

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Burned out worker syndrome, also known as burnout, is affecting more and more people, to the point that the World Health Organization (WHO) already considers it an occupational disease and in Spain several associations and professionals have asked the Government to included in the Table of occupational diseases of Social Security to adequately protect workers who suffer from it, as we already have in Xataka.

But what is it exactly? The WHO defines it as “chronic stress in the workplace that has not been successfully managed and is characterized by feelings of exhaustion or low energy, negativity regarding employment and reduced work productivity”. This situation, if not resolved soon, can lead to more serious illnesses, both physical and mental, and end up affecting the professional’s quality of life.

main symptoms. Warning signs that may indicate a worker is suffering from burnout include emotional exhaustion (being constantly down or short-tempered, especially at work or when thinking about it), insomnia, anxiety (intense restlessness, excitement, and insecurity and constant), intestinal problems, musculoskeletal problems (back or neck pain), increased propensity to consume alcohol or narcotic substances and low self-esteem, according to the Observatory of Psychosocial Risks of the General Union of Workers (UGT).

And these first symptoms, if the situation is not properly addressed by a professional, can lead to more serious illnesses.

The first consequences. The excitement caused by this chronic stress causes the nervous system to relax very little or not at all, and this constant activation wears down the body, according to research from the University of Bordeaux, in France. One of the first consequences of this is that it is much more difficult for the person affected to fall asleep, and other problems associated with short-term burnout (lower productivity, tiredness, decay and anger) begin to derive from this insomnia, which can end up in illnesses. more serious in the long term, such as depression, obesity and even, increased risk of diabetes.

Muscle tension. Chronic stress also causes constant physical and mental tension, for which the muscles remain in tension for longer periods than they should, which ends up causing pain in areas such as the neck, shoulders or head (appearance of headaches or migraines), according to a Dongguk University research, in South Korea. Some of these discomforts can also be caused by poor posture, an inadequate chair or other factors, so it is advisable to go to the doctor to identify the origin of the ailment.

Low defenses. Another possible indication that you suffer from burnout is constantly having infections and inflammations, which shows that our immune system has weakened. In the book ‘The Balance Within: The Science Connecting Health and Emotions‘ Dr. Esther Sternberg, from the University of Arizona, in the United States, explains that our body is prepared to concentrate energy in the muscles and the brain in alert situations such as stress, with the aim of mobilizing the body for action . That makes the immune system have fewer resources to defend itself.

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In normal situations, the moment of alertness passes after a more or less short period, so the body regains its balance and the immune system can continue to carry out its functions. However, when stress becomes chronic, the body understands that the emergency is constant, so it focuses energy almost all the time on the muscles and brain (hence the contractures, pain or insomnia) and causes it to defend itself worse against bacteria and viruses.

Cardiovascular problems. another studyin that case from the University of Wisconsin, in the United States, points out that the repeated elevation of blood pressure caused by sustained stress can cause hypertension and damage the veins and arteries, which, in the long term, increases the risk of suffer a heart attack

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Burned out worker syndrome, also known as burnout, is affecting more and more people, to the point that the World…

Burned out worker syndrome, also known as burnout, is affecting more and more people, to the point that the World…

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