These are the best games that have been presented at the Summer Game Fest 2022

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One more year (another year without E3, too), Geoff Keighley makes all the calls to show off a host of exclusives, scoops, new trailers, and all-new announcements. For three intense hours, this is what this year’s Summer Game Fest has given of itself. Avalanche of videos and news!

Street Fighter 6

Guile vs. Ryu fighting with a clean punch in the first gameplay of the night, which inherits part of the aesthetics and style of the last games in the series, but of course, more sophisticated, faster… and with older characters. Age weighs on the appearance (not on the forcefulness) of the fighters in this return to the classic.

Aliens Dark Descent

A top down shooter that suits the usually frenetic fight between marines and aliens perfectly, and this time it seems that it brings special guests in the form of some kind of mutations that could spice up the action in many ways. At the moment little gameplay for a game that promises to be simple and forceful.

The Callisto Protocol

December 2 is the scheduled date for the premiere of this game that inherits the aesthetics, dynamics and extreme violence of the beloved ‘Dead Space’ and its sequels. Glen Schofield has come on the scene to talk about some new stuff (like an interesting and potentially overwhelming grav gun) and has shown some gameplay of what promises to be one of the most insanely bloody games of the season.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

After the recent trailer, Activision has provided a complete gameplay of his new first-person war action game, one that also bears the same name as a classic title in the franchise. In fact, this snippet replicates the oil rig assault level from that game. Graphically, the appearance is overwhelming, with a multitude of water effects, explosions, blood, and moving objects on the stage. A show.

witch fire

Medieval aesthetics for a kind of mystical western with spectacular guns and frenetic action. Independent airs and classic gameplay for a title that promises maximum powder kegs.

Fort Solis

More suffocation in space in a game that may not benefit from being taught immediately after ‘The Callisto Protocol’, although this one has a different vibe. More dark atmosphere, more classic horror and a more indie tone for a game that you will have to pay attention to if you are looking for high tension in a zero atmosphere.


First announced in 2013, this game has evolved a lot since then (or not: it presents the vision of the future that was held in the eighties, a bit in the style of ‘Alien: Isolation), but it seems that the moment in which that we can finally enjoy this Lunar Software and Raw Fury game that mixes exploration and RPG. Empty corridors, disturbing androids, VHS reel and analog monitors everywhere.

high water

We have also enjoyed a few indie delicatessen. This placid and alternative vision of the end of the world, with flooded cities, a calm rhythm and colorful secondary characters. It will arrive in 2022 and will tell how the planet’s population left Earth… except for a few who stayed, like our protagonist. Adventure, exploration and roleplaying touches.

American Arcadia

More indies, this time of Spanish origin (who remembers the sensational and surprising ‘Out of the Blue’?) and with touches of ‘The Truman Show’. The protagonist is monitored by television 24 hours a day, and will try to escape from a seemingly happy but terribly dystopian future city.

Marvel Midnight Suns

The promising turn-based combat game from Firaxis, creators of ‘XCOM’ and ‘Civilization’, promises superhero combat with more doses of magic than we’re used to seeing in the genre. Among the novelties seen tonight, we have a Spider-Man who joins the group of heroes, and a Venom and a Hulk who go to the villains. There is also a date: October 7.

Neon White

Just around the corner (next June 16) is this indescribable mixture of card games and shooter which comes from the hand of Angel Matrix and produced by Annapurna Interactive. Coming to Switch and PC, the player will play White, an assassin who must shoot his way to heaven (literally), taking on demon assassins with soul cards. Be careful, you will also have to finish the levels as quickly as possible, in the purest style speed run.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

Also on June 16, this long-awaited new pixelated adventure of the Ninja Turtles will arrive, which promises authentic brawls of hold on and don’t wiggle with six simultaneous players both online and locally. Casey Jones is also added to the roster as a playable character, which adds up to a total of seven fighters ready to face the Foot Clan as cowabungly as possible.

One Piece Odyssey

The millionaire manga and anime franchise shows spectacular cinematics of its new role-playing game, where the distinctive abilities of each of the Straw Hats are taken advantage of. Some of the gameplay shows the possibilities of exploration, also from the powers of each member of the group. It will arrive in principle this year.

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(Developing) One more year (another year without E3, too), Geoff Keighley makes all the calls to show off a host…

(Developing) One more year (another year without E3, too), Geoff Keighley makes all the calls to show off a host…

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