These are the 12 novelties that Sony has presented in its latest State of Play

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The rumors pointed to news regarding ‘Hogwart’s Legacy’, and the most crazy to a new ‘Metal Gear’ or new hardware for Playstation. Finally, the thing has been in a few announcements, and this is what the State of Play (officially) focused on upcoming news for Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 and Japanese development.

Ghostwire Tokyo: The new game trailer from Tango Gameworks gives some extra details about this cybermedia and action title that is about to drop on March 25. In this new preview we have been able to taste some scenarios beyond the promised more conventional and urban Tokyo, and we have plunged into much more crazy and hallucinogenic scenarios.

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Stranger of Paradise – Final Fantasy Origin: Another one that is about to fall, next March 18. Team NINJA wants to revolutionize the Square Enix franchise by polishing the RPG elements and multiplying the insane action and crazy combos. Sony has taken advantage of the State of Play to announce that there is already a demo available.

exoprimal: This new IP from Capcom comes with the most genuine cybercraze of the best Japanese video games. It will arrive in 2023 and has an air of a futuristic ‘Destiny’ or ‘Anthem’, with players clad in exoskeletons and mecha to face literal waves of dinosaurs. There seem to be different character roles and monstrous katana fights, but for now all we know is that the war between the Japanese of the future and hundreds of dinosaurs is just around the corner.

Gundam Evolution: East free to play offers first-person and six-player combat based on the wildly popular franchise of highlights. There will be three objective-based game modes (we know the names will be Point Capture, Domination, and Destruction) and players will have access to classic Gundams like the legendary ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos, each with their obvious strengths and weaknesses.

forspoken: More exploration, combat and monsters at the hands of Square Enix, with one of the most anticipated games of the fall. On October 11, after a recently announced delay, this open world arrives with role-playing touches of which today we have seen some gameplay sequence where the protagonist Freya has exhibited new weapons and radical ways of moving around this world plagued by aggressive colossi.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Cowabunga Collection: No less than 11 games from the quelonia franchise will arrive in 2022 in this compilation that includes arcade, NES, Super NES and Megadrive titles, among other formats. Games like Konami’s first arcade game, the fighting game ‘Tournament Fighters’ and the legendary ‘Turtles in Time’ shine with their own light. But there will also be room for curiosities like the Game Boy game.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle: The well-known and bizarre manga and anime franchise created by Hirohiko Araki comes to Sony consoles with 50 characters from the series. It will be available sometime in 2022, and its aesthetic is reminiscent of the cartoonish and cartoonish vibe of the latest installments of ‘Street Fighter’.

gigabash: Titans the size of football stadiums duel in different cities that will end up in dust, in a game that has been delicately described as ‘kaiju brawler’ and is reminiscent of the Godzilla titles of a couple of generations ago. Lots of classic ‘Rampage’ vibes in a game that promises to have you mashing buttons like it’s 1996. Due out in 2022.

Returnal – Ascension: One of the most exhilarating titles from the first batch of Playstation 5 releases was this oppressive space thriller with loops Sony announces a free update for March 22 that will add a cooperative mode to the game, as well as a survival mode. The game seems to be on the gas when it comes to nightmarish builds and hellish monsters.

Trek to Yomi: an interesting indie of deep cinematic influences where you take control of a samurai, the young Hiroki, who swears to protect his people from a series of terrible threats. Players will encounter realistic combat and a black and white aesthetic that harks back to classic samurai movies. It will come this spring.

The DioField Chronicle: In the State of Play it has been defined as “a tactical battle in real time”, and we are facing a Square Enix strategy RPG where fantasy, medieval and modern aesthetic influences are intermingled. The environments seem to have been designed as if they were dioramas and the game promises us a mixture of non-stop action and strategic battle planning.

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Valkyrie Elysium: The Valkyrie Saga continues with a game set in a world on the brink of collapse. Square Enix announces this new installment for 2022 and they promise frenetic combat and the special attack systems that characterize the series. It will arrive sometime in 2022.

The rumors pointed to news regarding ‘Hogwart’s Legacy’, and the most crazy to a new ‘Metal Gear’ or new hardware…

The rumors pointed to news regarding ‘Hogwart’s Legacy’, and the most crazy to a new ‘Metal Gear’ or new hardware…

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