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The DGT has long been interested in the new forms of mobility. In fact, just three months ago the new traffic law, with changes in the use of scooters promoted by the DGT itself. And it is not the only big change that is on the horizon. Car sharing is another one of them.

This same month we learned that the intention of the Ministry of the Interior, with the approval of the DGT, is to introduce the B1 card in Spain. A license that allows those over 16 years of age to drive vehicles that do not exceed 450 kg in weight, have a maximum power of 15 kW (20 CV) and do not exceed a maximum speed of 90 km/h.

If the proposal goes ahead, the car sharing business you can find a really interesting vein, with young people who, if they want to drive a four-wheeler, will have the opportunity to do so two years before it is their turn to obtain the B.

Now, the DGT has published a new campaign, with car sharing in the spotlight. It recalls some basic concepts that we should always keep in mind before getting behind the wheel, but also some other very practical ones.

A few tips to avoid being fined…

In the campaign that the DGT has launched, a video is used in which it reminds the shared vehicle users that it is mandatory to have a driving license to use it, that it is mandatory to wear a seat belt, ignore the mobile phone or that we should not consume alcohol or drugs before getting behind the wheel.

All this should be the ABC of every driver’s manual, but it is possible that some carpool users, not having the responsibility of acting with their own car, may overlook some of these rules that, however, are severely punished:

  • Driving without a driving license: 500 euros fine. A judge will decide whether to impose a daily fine of 12 to 24 months for a crime against Road Safety.
  • Not using the seat belt: 200 euros and four points on the driver’s license.
  • Use the mobile phone: 200 euros and six points of the driving license.
  • Consume alcohol or drugs: 500 euros and six points of the driving license. You can incur a crime against Road Safety.

… and other very useful tips

But in addition to those tips that point to infractions harshly punished by the body, in the video there are also other really interesting ones and in which the non-regular users of shared vehicles may incur.

First of all, most of the companies that manage the fleets of these cars usually charge a rate per minute. Despite everything, it will only take a few seconds to place all the mirrors before starting off and our safety on board will be multiplied.

In addition, for those less experienced in this type of vehicle, the DGT reminds that electric or automatic cars do not have a clutch pedal. It is very dangerous to love brake with the left foot or that, surprised, it moves looking for the clutch and finds the brake pedal. We will suffer a sudden stop and, of course, we will generate a dangerous situation.

Everything I discovered on my first day with an electric car (that I did not know and would have been very useful)

Nor should we forget that most of these cars are electric, so we must take extreme precautions with pedestrians, who, not being alerted by the noise, can relax and the risk of being run over increases.

Lastly, it should also be noted that the acceleration of an electric car is much more sudden. These types of engines deliver all the torque instantly and unaccustomed drivers can be surprised by more violent reactions that can compromise their safety at the wheel.

The DGT has long been interested in the new forms of mobility. In fact, just three months ago the new…

The DGT has long been interested in the new forms of mobility. In fact, just three months ago the new…

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