There will be no rival for Google’s search engine because Alphabet killed the incentives to create it

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Mozilla has faced several financial and personnel problems in recent years, even having to lay off its employees en masse, but once again Alphabet, its best ally, arrived with a financial oxygen balloon: a three-year contract that guaranteed him $400 million a year (more than 90% of your income) in exchange for Google remains the default search engine in Firefox. Mozilla is a company that is popular with lovers of privacy, the free web and open source, but the truth is that without Google it would have had a very different journey.

Apple, for its part, has been receiving checks from Alphabet for years for the same purpose: Google remains the default search engine on iOS. It may sound trivial because it is a setting that can be modified in five seconds and iOS itself offers alternatives, but the amount is not anything: $15 billion in 2021 that could continue to increase to 20,000 million in 2022. That is 15% of its annual profit.

the button "I'm gonna get lucky" still alive.  And Google has a good reason not to sacrifice it

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Both businesses, with Mozilla and with Apple, have an alternative reading: it’s Alphabet’s way of dissuading Chrome’s rivals from launching their own search engine. The only one of the big ones that did launch it a long time ago was Microsoft, who integrated Bing into [música de terror] Internet Explorer first and Edge later. It was not very successful despite the attempts of the Redmond company, with more insistence than aim, but surely Alphabet did not want to take subsequent risks.

That the rivals that it keeps at bay, by checkbook, are Mozilla and Apple, it is not by chance. Both companies, with their nuances and asterisks, have business models unrelated to the aggressive tracking of user data for commercial purposes. They bet, in their own ways, on direct monetization and fly the flag of privacy that Google and Facebook simply cannot raise.

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Both companies could have many incentives to launch their own search engine. Apple has plenty of resources to get down to work and offer it by default in its operating systems, which is equivalent to getting four fives in a row when starting a game of Parcheesi. Mozilla is in a less comfortable situation, but it is something that is part of its DNA, and there is always the option of going shopping to speed up the process.

No possibility of launching a new search engine or buying an existing one has such a great incentive as that of continuing immobile giving wings to Google

At this point is where a neon with a proper name appears: DuckDuckGo. The duck finder has known explain your monetization to avoid suspicion and be sympathetic to those of the Brotherhood of Holy Privacy: buying it would not be too expensive, especially for Apple’s finances (it’s not even a unicorn), and invoices more than 100 million dollars a year. In addition, its salary cost is low, it does not reach 200 employees; and although you can’t even dream of Google’s figures, in the United States it has stabilized at around 2.5% market share.

It would be easy for Apple to get hold of DuckDuckGo (bang!), set it as the default on iOS and macOS, and then bust out a key note announcing it as a magnanimous bet on our privacy. We don’t deserve you, Tim. Mozilla would have it more complicated – its magnitude is not that much greater than that of DuckDuckGo and its finances are enough for mortadella, no Iberian meats – but intermediate options could be studied in order to offer a default search engine more in line with its values.

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However, nothing works as well in the short and medium term (and nothing suggests that it will be different in the long term) as cash Google checks year yes year too in exchange for making a still feet and not shake up the search engine market. If not for tactical conviction, yes for the health of finances. And meanwhile, Chrome continues to lead the browser market by a long way. It only remains to strip the leaves of the Ahrefs daisy to see if it is capable of taking the cat to the water or we are still waiting for Godot (not today, but surely yes tomorrow).

Google, come in snippets, ads, rule changes, and a homepage that’s also on the way to becoming rococo has changed the search experience in just a few years, he’s not too worried about the possible migration of disgruntled users – when he opens the window he’s faced with a competitive landscape clean as a whistle and uncontested leadership like a jedi master. Nobody can deny the merit of his strategy. And for how well Google performs compared to its few rivals, even understanding questions and context, why not say so.

Mozilla has faced several financial and personnel problems in recent years, even having to lay off its employees en masse,…

Mozilla has faced several financial and personnel problems in recent years, even having to lay off its employees en masse,…

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