there are brands paying $5,000 so you don’t resell their models

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If we are thinking about sell a used car, the time is right. At least that is what the market says and what the speculators think, who are already working intensely in the second-hand car market. So much so that brands are taking preventive measures.

The shortage of chips, the increase in the cost of new cars and their long waiting times They have caused used vehicles to raise their prices like never before. In fact, the average of the used car sold is already 17,561 euros on average, while a new one moves at an average of 20,500 euros, according to Popular Voice.

And the most striking figures are at its ends. Cars over 15 years old have shot up their prices up to 36% more than the previous year, according to The country. And due to a lack of self-registration, sales of cars between one and three years old have fallen by 38%, which helps to raise the prices of the few cars left on the market.

The Spanish situation is also repeated globally and in the United States the speculators they are doing their own business with the used car market. Since motorpassion They point out that brands are already taking action.

no more losing money

“You take a car out the door of the dealership and it’s already worth half.” It is a phrase that we have heard hundreds of times and that the complicated situation of the automobile market has ended up knocking down. In the United States… and in Spain.

Called “Car Flippers” and they take care of finding cheap used vehicles for resell them quickly at much higher prices, taking advantage of the current car shortage. A practice that only has a negative impact on the average price of used cars, which continues to grow.

In addition, although most of the States of the country limit the number of vehicles that an individual can sell, the laws allow these individuals to operate with much greater freedom than dealers, so they can offer lower prices than dealers, obtaining a greater benefit, at the cost of the client losing some guarantees during the transaction.

But this way of acting is not something that is exclusive to older vehicles. for monthsbuy a Tesla used in the United States it is more expensive than buying a new Tesla. The reason: skipping the waiting list. And it is a situation that also occurs in Spain.

It is easy to find used Tesla models (with more than 15,000 kilometers) that exceed the sale prices of new cars. A Tesla Model 3 Long Range by €62,500 when the configured rates it at 57,990 euros. 18,000 kilometers and immediate delivery. the official choice: brand new… between January and March 2023.

Buying a car is increasingly a matter of the rich.  And the electric car is only going to make it worse

And the prices keep going up if we take a look at vehicles with less than a thousand kilometers on their wheels. For example, a Tesla Model Y Long Range that is sold with 750 kilometers per €73,500while order it from the brand (delivery between November 2022 and January 2023) costs 65,990 euros.

Although in Spain it is difficult to see that this situation is repeated, in the United States it is becoming common and the brands want to put a stop to it. In The Drive They say Chevrolet is offering $5,000 non-cash bonuses to customers who keep their Corvette Z06 for at least a year. Customers who fail to comply with this have even been threatened with vetoing him in future purchases.

ford stands threatening dealers who resell their F-150 Lightning (the electric version of their well-known Pick-up) with withdraw bonuses if they verify that they are doing business with this situation.

If we are thinking about sell a used car, the time is right. At least that is what the market…

If we are thinking about sell a used car, the time is right. At least that is what the market…

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