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Its vast expanse of farmland has earned Ukraine the nickname of “barn of Europe”; But Volodymyr Zelensky’s country is more than an agricultural power. The former Soviet satellite also has a robust technological muscle. Its ICT sector has grown considerably in recent years, enriched by universities and research centers, and its programmers have earned a good reputation internationally. WhasApp, Grammarly or Gitlab have part of their roots there and the nation welcomes firms as important to the sector as Ingas and cryoinwhich produce about fifty% of the world’s semiconductor-grade neon, critical for chips.

Much of that technological engine has, however, “seized” with the war. Ingas and Cryoin, without going any further, with offices in Mariupol and Odessa, two cities severely affected by the conflict, have been forced to stop their production. As Russian troops and bombing have advanced, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have also chosen to pack their bags and cross the borders. Is calculated who have already fled the country more than three million refugees.

Granary of Europe… and technological talent

Against this background, companies from other countries have been launched to offer opportunities to Ukrainians who have lost their source of income or, directly, have been forced to leave their homes and offices. In the portals in which the offers for those affected by the war are posted, positions are offered for professionals in the restoration, commerce, health, administration and even tattoo artists, artists and manicure teachers. Also, and especially, for technicians in the tech sector. The objective: to offer them financial support at a delicate moment.

And tap into the potent pool of talent in the former Soviet republic.

Among offers addressed to Ukrainians stand out those looking for engineers, developers, graphic designers, UI/UX expertsquality controls, SEO, digital marketing or Machine Learning, community managers, data analysts or artists with 3D experience, among others.

The list is also extensive in the academic field, well “oiled” thanks to the long experience it accumulates with the internship and exchange programs. Those looking for vacancies in this area will be able to find, for example, vacancies for mathematicians, computer scientists, biologists, physicists, professionals in the fields of health, genetics, neuroscience, biochemistry or microbial ecology.

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The offers come from a wide range of countries spread all over the world. Also from Spainwhere companies in the technology sector that are looking for software engineers, developers or technicians with knowledge of Machine Learning or Data Scientist stand out.

Where are the offers published? One of the websites launched after the invasion began to facilitate the hiring of refugees is Jobs for Ukraine, created —write down their managers— to ensure that those affected by the conflict “can earn a living and provide for their families, even if only temporarily”. “This job listing is for Ukrainians and others who have been displaced or lost their jobs due to Russia’s war against Ukraine,” details the page itself.

Days ago its creators explained to Quartz that they had already managed to add more than 2,000 vacancies for different roles and that each day they received around 200 new offers.

Another website that is supporting refugees and trying to channel Ukrainian tech talent looking for opportunities in Europe is Fuzzboard, with offers in the field of product development, design, marketing and management in several EU countries, such as Portugal, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. Its list of vacancies, very focused on startups, is extensive. Jobs4ukr.comInstagram account “Job offers for Ukrainians” or Remote Ukraine They also include different alternatives. “More than two million Ukrainian refugees have already fled the war. This includes thousands of highly-skilled professionals. You can support them by hiring them,” highlights.

Although telecommuting makes logistics easier—particularly in the tech sector, where it appears to have taken root—recruiting refugees can still face challenges. some obstacles.

CNBC recently published how some Ukrainians are encountering bureaucratic problems to take refuge in the UK. As an example, they cited the founder of a technology firm that had tried to hire five candidates and had been unable to get them visas. There are companies that already include in their offers, in fact, facilities such as plane tickets, help in managing permits, lessons to learn the language and even temporary accommodation. In any case, not all Ukrainians looking for a job want —or they can just— move to other countries and choose to ply their trade remotely.

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The goal is clear: to make life easier for them at a difficult time. And, incidentally, allow them to continue developing highly valued talent in the sector. “All of our job offers are open to Ukrainian candidates. As a software company, we know that the Ukrainian software engineering talent pool is one of the best on the planet,” recognizes the British startup Cutover on its websitewhich announces facilities to recruit Ukrainian professionals.

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Its vast expanse of farmland has earned Ukraine the nickname of “barn of Europe”; But Volodymyr Zelensky’s country is more…

Its vast expanse of farmland has earned Ukraine the nickname of “barn of Europe”; But Volodymyr Zelensky’s country is more…

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