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The Kia EV6 is the new European Car of the Year. The electric SUV has beaten six other candidates to win this award that has been held since 1964. In its 2022 edition, the jury has opted for the new Kia EV6 in a contest where electrification has played a leading role, with up to six all-electric models.

The European Car of the Year It is the most important award in the automobile sector in the Old Continent. Formed by a large jury of experts, this award is a reflection of where the industry is heading, rewarding, among other values, the most technologically advanced vehicles or those that have been groundbreaking. It is not surprising, therefore, that highly electrified vehicles have carved out a niche for themselves over the years.

The Kia EV6 has had the honor of becoming the first model of the brand to get this award for Car of the Year in Europe 2022. Until now, the Korean firm had only managed to sneak its Ceed model among the three most voted cars in 2019, when it was three points from victory. On this occasion, with its 248 points it has surpassed the Hyundai Ioniq 5 (231 points) and the Renault Mégane E-Tech (222 points).

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Kia EV6, what does it offer

The Kia EV6 is an electric midway between the SUV and the family car. This vehicle, which is already marketed in our country, has served the firm to show its new family of fully electric vehicles, the so-called EVs. With them come a new design line and a wide technological load.

This electric is offered with four power levels (170, 229, 325 and 585 CV) and with 58 kWh batteries (for the access version) and 77 kWh, for any of the higher engines. The top-of-the-range model will arrive with the last name GT and its commercialization in our country is expected in the coming months.

The autonomies of the electric are 394 for its most modest version, which mounts the most restrained engine and the 58 kWh battery. Above, the most balanced model is the 229 CV, with 528 kilometers of autonomy. It is followed by the 325 hp version, with 484 hp. The top of the range, with 585 hp, sacrifices autonomy in favor of power, remaining at 406 kilometers of autonomy. In addition, it supports charging with 800 V outlets, being able to charge at 240 kW or 180 kW, in the case of its smaller battery.

At a technological level, on the dashboard there are two 12.3-inch screens located in the same panoramic and curved frame. The same layout we saw during our first impressions of the Kia Sportage. As in the SUV, the Kia EV6 offers compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay but adds augmented reality functions to its Head-Up Display. In addition, it has USB type C sockets in the front and on the back of the seats, for passengers.

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In motion, the driver has adaptive cruise control with lane maintenance, blind spot sensors, parking assistance or door locking if it detects that a vehicle is approaching when the passenger is about to leave it.

The Kia EV6 has a starting price of 44,825 euros and, during the presentation of the Kia Sportage, the brand confirmed to us that they were selling around 100 units per month. In addition, they were also able to assure us that they are working with EDP to install 150 kW chargers and that the goal is to have 40 of them before the end of the year.

The Kia EV6 is the new European Car of the Year. The electric SUV has beaten six other candidates to…

The Kia EV6 is the new European Car of the Year. The electric SUV has beaten six other candidates to…

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